Baby got her new dress

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  1. Hey guys I got my fobus holster for my c9 today. Came home and it was sitting on my bed so I grabbed my baby and put on her new clothes and she loves it here some pics sorry bout the crappy quality had to use my phone since my digicams batteries are dead and dont feel like going out and buying a 6.00 battery :lol: This thing is so comfortable Im gonna have to watch out before I leave the house since Im waiting on my ccw


    Can you tell im packing 8)

  2. 1knight,

    Post a link to the place you ordered from, along with how much it cost ya. I really like my Fobus Paddle holster for the Taurus, so may have to invest in one for the C9 as well.

  3. Until you get your CCW, are you open carrying?
  4. Thought bout it ernie but I have lately seen and heard bad things bout open carry I posted on the topic in the free fire zone
  5. hey 1 knight the car in your avatar is that a 240????? i cant tell .
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    Remember Knight Rider? LOL.

    That question is pricless robert, Thats Kit, the futuristic (1980's) Pontiac.
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    Knight Industries, Two Thousand
  8. Yes that is Kitt form Knight Rider sort of a fan and someday I will get one of these cars and put the red light in the front 8)