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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Flyboy, Jan 11, 2015.

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    Which gun store is the baby's other registry at? :)


  2. Bull

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    Lol...... Gimme a few days, we'll see what we can do
    Edit...... 5-7 days FB, best wishes!
  3. FlashBang

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    order should arrive in 5-7 days. :)
    Spend all the time you can with your little one, they grow up faster then Jacks beanstalk.
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Your wife has a great sense of humor...or is that you?

    There's another item coming soon!;)
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    Moonz and mine is on the way as well
  6. Am I aloud to give advice?
    Ah hell. I am anyway.
    My babies are 5 and 3. So I'm not to far removed.
    *Note: everything I say counts when you are paying. IE: don't change your registry.*

    1. The cheap plastic long Gerber (BPA free) bottles. Worked better (no leaks and no gas) than every fancy glass bottle)

    2. Buy binky clips. Your baby will spit that thing like a champion chew spitter. And then immediately cry because it's gone.

    3. Cloth diapers are better burp cloths. Than real burp cloths.
    Real burp cloths, the puke just slides off. Cloth diapers soak it up quick, and can be bleached wheb they get seriously gross.

    4 . don't waste your money on fancy sippy cups with moving tops and rubber straws. They get milk stuck in them and mold. Oh yeah they leak to.

    "Take and toss" plastic ones are the best for us.

    5. Be on alert while diaper changing. You'll get hit with more than pee. If your kid is like mine.

    6. Most importantly be aware of momma bear. Seriously people always joke about pregnancy hormones. Well post birth was tenfold worse for me. And never ever, ever, ever referred to her as a cow while pumping. Even if she is wearing a spotted cow pajama at the same time. I'm serious it happend. I will never forget.

    And oh yeah. LUVS are just as good as pampers, no matter what the hospital says. They are get those pampers for free to hand to new moms.
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    it will probably never happen again but i agree on almost all points. The gerber bottles leaked terribly for me though i think Advent was the brand that we liked. I should remember this stuff because much like yourself i'm currently living with a hormone fueled wife and although her getting sick at the smell of coffee was funny at first now at 5 months in its pretty old.

    i am gonna add i think i remember you may be overseas but if its available amazon does subscribe and save on diapers. 204 luvs last apros 1 month and if you sign up for the subscribe and save you save almost $10 a case and get a years worth of amazon prime when you sign into their amazon Mom program.
  8. SWAGA

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    The child made to wear this will grow up and murder you in your sleep :D.....


    You may want to kick some other ideas around...;)

  9. cicpup

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    Don't buy your kids clothes at Larry Kings garage sale.
  10. EvilE424

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    I love the little newspaper boy outfit...but I like military photo better
  11. Thanks to the fact he's in the 90th percentile for size, my wife's taken to calling him "The Dinosaur."
    Therefore, she has added at least one baby dinosaur costume to the registry.
  12. EvilE424

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    Two of ours were there too
  13. They are a little more like a catipillar the first 3 months