Baby sis is going to start saving lives!!!!

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  1. neothespian

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    My little sister started her FIRST NIGHT of clinicals to become an EMT in the state of Arizona!!!

    What makes this amazing is that on top of paying for school herself, she suffers from fybromaialga (spelling?) as well as having a few other medical issues and STILL has been plugging along with nearly a 4.0!!!

    She rocks. Just had to share that. Now we just need to figure out how to get that full medkit most EMT's keep in their auto into her scooter :?
  2. Ari

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    Tell her congrats for us


  3. good show , and great choice. she sounds like a great lady.

  4. Sidecar? Trailer? HUGE back pack? Have her boyfriend follow her in a van?

    Seriously, good for her! I hope she finds a lot of satisfaction in her chosen profession and that she keeps her difficulty under her control.
  5. Heh heh another unsuspecting victim...

    I mean good for her for joining a rewarding field :).
  6. Neo, that's great to hear. Congratulate her for us will ya?
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    That's awesome! My wife finally finished school this year. EMT I, EMT II, then the Fire Academy. She took a break for a little while after we got married, and then finally went back and got her Paramedic. It was rough, but she got 'er dun! I hope your sister enjoys is as much as my wife. It takes a certain kind of person to do it, and I ain't one of them.

    I like to joke with my wife that as a SWAT officer, I can make the messes, and then she can come and clean 'em up. ;)
  8. Can I have a # btw? lol.
  9. reaHP

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    Give yer sis congrats. I think she will find after time that the jump kit doesn't need to be as large as all that. I used to carry one in my car and I started out with a huge one that had everything. After a while I had it pared down to just some essentials. Huge trauma bandages can be used on small wounds if necessary, LOL, then you only need to carry the huge ones. Just make sure she has lots of gloves, (you can never have too much protection).
  10. To dovetail on that: I learned you only need to carry enough to stabilize a patient until an ambulance or fire truck shows up; my jump bag is my medic roll (if you haven't seen the post, I can repost pics). Smaller than a purse, but contains all the essentials).
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    After years of emergency responce, both as a LEO and an EMT, I suggest she go to the local mart store and get an kit for under $20, add extra gloves hand sanitizer and a good CPR mask.

    Then go to a garage or rummage sale and get good sixed towels. Put one in a large ziplock bag, sit on the bag to push the air out and seal it. The towel can work as a large trauma dressing, wrapped around a neck for C-spine support until a unit with a proper collar arrives, and to keep a person warm as a blanket for shock. Once you use the towel, dispose of it or send it with the ambulance. Then grab another one and put it back with the kit.

    Oh and tell her WAY TO GO.
  12. neothespian

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    WOW....she just finished her first round of clinicals so I'm sure she's not at the point where she'll need to put THAT much thought to a kit yet, but thanks for all the good suggestions!

    She's sore as all hell, and as it turns out her first ER rounds were not exactly stellar (Major Flu epidemic. Lots of...well...projectiles...) so she's not anywhere in a good mood, but she's sticking with it!
  13. Jackpine Savage

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    I'm disapointed, I must be the only Douglas Adams fan on the site. No comments about your sister knowing where her towel is.:roll: Let her know the ER clinicals were a pain but when she gets into an ambulance she'll really start learning, from the medics. Nurses and Medics think differently. Scene realities are a far cry from a sanitary emergency room.

    Take Care and Stay Safe
  14. AndrewST

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    Congrats to your sister! Wish her the best!