Back From NRA Music City

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    First place I hit was Hi Point right inside the entrance. They told me the water dipped carbine stocks will be for sale in a few months. Got some free stickers, and a set of snake skin factory grips for the .45. That is all they make right now. And the price? $10!! I should have got 2 sets. :)
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    Did you go to meet Hickok45, 22plinkster or Colion Noir? I think IV8888 was gonna be there too, but can't remember


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    I met Hickok45 and John. Got my pic taken with him. Those guys dwarfed my 5'11"! Talked to James Yeager. Saw Ted doing a little interview at the Buck knife booth. Saw Jerry Micelek. There was a big line for the Gunny. I didn't go look.
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    I wanna meet both in person just so I can look up at them and say "Somehow, I thought you'd be taller in person.". Hickok is like 6'10" and John 6'8"
  5. Did you meet jerry? He Is definitely my favorite pro shooter.

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    Nope. I wasn't into standing in line. There was a long line at the Glock section. Everyone wanting to sit on Gunny's lap to tell him what Glock they want for fathers/mothers day.

    I could of sworn John was taller.
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    Anything new in the works for Hipoint pistols?

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    The cammo on them was pretty wild. Did I take pics? Hell no! :( The guy working the HP section was wearing a suit. He was friendly and not one bit arrogant. I should have caught his name.

    BTW we did talk about the ProMags. He told me to his knowledge nobody has been denied warranty because of a ProMag. :)