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  1. Just got back from shooting my .380acp for the second time at an indoor range. :D I rotated three brands of ammo (Federal Champion, Remington UMC, Pow'RBall) across three different magazines. All went well with no misfeeds or misfires.

    The gun did tell me on a couple of occasions not to be wimpy in racking the slide. Pulling it back and letting it go full force worked all the time.

    I did adjust a half of turn on the rear elevation sight screw and a half a turn on the right-left screw, after the first shot pattern indicated it was shooting just a little low and to the left. It was fine after that.

    I know what Mom says about cleaning, but I guess it's just force of habit that I cleaned and lightly oiled the CF380 when I got home.

    The indoor range was really neat. It had several strips of tape on the downrange floor but I did not see a distance measurement. I shot at the target when it was over the first and second markings which looked about right to me. At the end found I was shooting at 15 and 30 feet.

    I used several targets and posted one below.

    I'm retired on a fixed income and the High Point proved to be a good choice for me. It shoots great with no problems. :)

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Nice shootin there.... Hope you enjoy your Hi Point for many years...

  3. Welcome!

    Nice shooting! I love my C9 - my only alternative was a Cobra FS380. I was sold on the warranty and 9mm Luger. Happy shooting! :)
  4. That is good shooting. I liked the CF380. My 1st HP. That caliber in that size gun was smooth shooting. Sold it. :(