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  1. Hey everybody :) Just thought I would jump on and let you all know I'm back from my vacation. We got a ton of snow and ice in Wisconsin while I was away. Glad I didn't have to deal with it right away, but I did have to dig out a few cars when I got back home :!:

    Anyway, had a great time, even though I think I'm coming down with something now that I'm back home. I'll be reading posts and trying to catch up tonight while I work. Hope things have been going well here! :)
  2. you were gone?


    I guess that's why it was so quiet!!!! Welcome back!

  3. Geeee, thanks for the warm welcome guys! Glad to see I was so missed! ;)

    EDIT: And thanks Newskate, it does feel good to be back home, even with the snow :)
  4. Welcome back! Glad you made it home safe.
  5. welcome back. did you bring me a present?
  6. elguapo

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    I drive, for my work, so I am right there with ya: Best part of a trip is the part going back home...
  7. So I guess someone has heard of this clown?

    Naa, welcome back man. How was the trip?
  8. Thanks everybody :) And the trip was great! We didn't get to see a shuttle launch like we had hoped (has been delayed until January now) but besides that it was a real fun time. I'm missing Florida more every minute as the snow and ice come down outside (having a pretty nasty storm right now as we speak).

    And no gifts for anybody (I didn't even buy much for myself!) sorry! :)
  9. my dad's retired and delivers motor homes to FL. He's up in PA in the summer and most of the days in winter he's down there. Lucky stiff.

    Great for you on a great trip - you plan for things and it doesn't take much to get off the rails. Good for you and the family!
  10. Belive it or not, I am glad your back.

    Vacations are good..........
  11. I'm from Sarasota (south of Tampa/St.Pete) Thinking about maybe headed down for a couple days this holiday.
  12. Man, Florida is a really nice state. I love my home in Wisconsin, but I really would like to get away from the winter weather. Not to mention the taxes are so low there because of all the tourist income. My girlfriend and I are talking about moving down there someday. Not sure if it will actually happen, but we'll see :)