Back in the Saddle

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    Every family from time to time has spat's were feeling's are hurt and Ego's bruised, here at HPFF our little family had one of those moments were things were said and later regretted. I like everyone else who works long hours with high stress lost a moment of composer and acted out before considering all the fact's. Well as every close family does once things cooled off we talked and worked out our differences and the family is whole once again. Jone's and Myself are as always totally committed to making HPFF the best dam Forum on the planet and that commitment has been Renewed and Strengthen even further. So as that once late great fighter pilot from the movie Independence Day cried,

    Well Hello Boy's..........................I'M BACK!

  2. Glad to see that you guys worked things out.
    We've got a good forum and you were a major contributor.
    Welcome back.
  3. DLC

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    Great News!!! I hope we can become the Bill Gates of firearms forums......WORLD DOMINATION!!! :twisted:
  4. Damn...he's back

    ;-) Good to see ya back. So does this mean I can't steal your avatar now?
  5. good deal you guys. Welcome back!
  6. Hey hey! Welcome back Gman! Real glad to see you :D
  7. Huggy

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    Yup, and it also means you have to respect his authoritah!
  8. HPHooked

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    Like the song goes: "Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back..." Great to see the family squabble got taken care of. :wink:

    Now everybody involved go to their corners for a 5 minute timeout. :lol:

    Seriously, it's great to have you, your knowledge, and your contacts back at the forum. :D
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    These things usually happen around the holidays.. and for good reason.

    Welcome back
  10. Does that mean we have to stop watching TV, stop playing video games, stop eating those cookies and chips, and come back now?

    Welcome back

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    We're all in BIG trouble now folks Glockman is BAAAACKK!!! :lol:
  12. We've actually voted on this and have come to the conclusion that it was all Primals fault. Once we fabricate.... err.... discover the reason we will post it for all to see. Till then everone point a fingerr at him (no not that one) and say "oooooooo you got in troubllllllle"
  13. Cute Taurus, reaaaaaaaaaal cute....

    Welcome back Gman, good to see ya again.
  14. Primal already PM'd everyone that it was your fault! Now who we sposta believe?

  15. Welcome back Gman 8)
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    Good stuff Taurus LMAO. Glad to hear it all worked out for the best.
  17. Welcome back, Gman! Glad all that got worked out.
  18. bombadillo

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    dang loopster, you've got quite the list below your posts!