Back in the saddle....

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  1. After a week long trip up north to the family, I am finally back in the saddle, AKA my recliner with my laptop, to keep an eye on you heathens. Surprised the place didn't burn down while I was gone. Truth be told I was keeping an eye on the out, couldn't keep from posting some and lurking some...

    Although the wife got a little upset when trying to read and post while driving on that long drive. But I'm back now and ready to get back to being an forum addict.
  2. Nice. I got an 8800 too :).

  3. love that thing. google maps w/ GPS & directions, lots of email, good games, east to set up the complicated stuff, but I'll be darned if selecting ring tones aint a total pain. But hey, brickbreaker is about the most addictive game i've played on a handheld in awhile.
  4. I hate the ringtone thing. Geez.
  5. urotu

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    Welcome back hombre, welcome back.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    "keep an eye on you heathens. "

    Heathens? Well now I've been called a lot of things but never a heathen. Looks like I'm gonna have to take a trip to NC and teach this BOY some manners. Oh darn! I forgot I don't have any wheels yet! That's OK you wait soon,very soon you'll feel my wrath [​IMG][​IMG]
  7. *laughs*

    Yeah, I can imagine.

    Welcome back, friend.
  8. Good for you and all of us you're safe and back! Welcome again.....

    [ golly it felt nice not being whacked for all the stupid stuff I said... better get my helmet back on! :lol: :lol: ]
  9. I was gonna come find you Newskate, but didnt have the time...this time. Was actually in PA briefly, Washington PA to be exact, at the gander. good sales goin on...
  10. Gander and good sales in the same sentence is rare around my neck of the woods! Hope you got some bargains. Washington PA is out near the Burgh; I'm more in central PA a few hours east.

    Would've been a great cup of coffee or pint my friend!

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Ya notice he'll traval alkl over PA but he stays well away from SC which is closer then he thinks. I'm not sure if he's scared of me, RFH, or Strangerous. Or maybe it's the others from western NC HUH?[​IMG]
  12. Tarurs who took care of your zoo while you were gone? Surely you didnt take all of them with you? ;)
  13. I didnt travel all over PA, just the very tip there where washingtonpa is, right across the border from WV, which is right across the border of ohio. Took like 15-20 minutes to travel from one state to the third. I'm going to have to come down sometime, once you guys plan a shoot in SC near the northern part of the state and I'm there. As for the zoo, we have a friend who takes care of them all, shes a vet tech and is a animal nut like us.
  14. Thats a good deal. I wish I had someone I could trust with my dogs so I could occasionally take a day trip somewhere if I wanted to.

    I want to go down into Texas and see the USS Texas someday but the doggies come first.

    Glad to hear you got to get away for a day. :D
  15. drop em off at my place, i'll tend to them.
  16. Thanks Taurus, I might take you up on that offer some time :)