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    I bought a used SCCY CPX-2 a while back. Trigger didn't like to reset. I called, they emailed me a UPS shipping label. One week later it returned with the feed ramp polished, new style mag bottom plates, a new style guide rod and spring according to the paper work.

    This has been my primary M-F carry. I tried to eject a JHP by hand to put only range ammo in for a range trip. It wouldn't turn it loose! I rather than blow up the round in my face farting around with it I let it rechamber.

    I ran 3 or 4 rounds through it and the ejecter came loose. So guess what I'm going tomorrow? :p

    It looks like the ping holding it in place is missing. Glad this happened on the range and not in a SD scenario. It may be time to get another Glock. Just need money going elsewhere. I see a G27 in my future..............:rolleyes:
  2. GoesBang

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    Are you going to sell it after you get it back from SCCY?


    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I kind of doubt I'll sell it. By the time it is shipped, FFL fees etc you can buy a new one for that much.

    They are very accurate.
  4. GoesBang

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    Ask for a shipping label. They will send it to your email. It goes UPS. No FFL involved. Shipped back to your address.

    Of course I have enough spare parts that I would fix it myself.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    This will be it's second trip. It'll be gone tomorrow or Tuesday. I have them on speed dial. :rolleyes:
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    That was a nice perk living in Indiana, I know others permit that arrangement as well. I had my Nano picked up from my house, and sent right back.

    Then sold it. I kinda regret not giving it a second chance. I can't imagine trusting something the third time around.