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Back to my roots ?

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It’s no secret that I like the .32 revolver. I am brand loyal, and many moons ago I chose H&R as my go-to firearms. Handgun wist that pretty much left me with the .22 Long Rifle and the .32 Smith & Wesson Long.

I grew fond of the .32 S&W long. Found it to be adequate for everything from squirrel to raccoon to feral dog. I even had, actually still have, a .32 S&W Long snobby for social work.

Then H&R brought out the .32 H&R Magnum. Life was good! The .32 Federal Magnum intrigues me, a good Ruger Single 7 so chambered along with one of the Henry lever actions would make a good pair. Or make the SP101 Match Champion in 327 Federal and I am really interested! But the .32 H&R is good enough.

The LGS showed me a Charter Arms Boxer 6 shot 38 Special snubby built on the Bulldog frame, except the frame was aluminum. Nice little revolver with lots of promise. She thought she had me I think, but I had her put it back. Get me the CA Professional in .32 H&R magnum and we have a deal. She said that she would try.

Had the opportunity a while back, but let it pass. I am hopeful.
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I just realized I don’t own a single revolver :oops::rolleyes:

But hey, I was a late bloomer in wheel guns myself, and now I have a "whole passel of revolvers" so to speak

Get sweet little Ruger SA for starters, I know I need one really badly, they are just a few bucks more than the pot metal 22's and way MORE BETTER
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