back to the range again 4595

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    After the last dismal trip, I took a lot of steps to try and get the 4595 on target. Got a bore laser, got it properly inserted, backed out to 50 yards in my side yard. I put the 4595 in a bench rest and locked it down. fore end clamped and the stock clamped. Turned on the laser. Scope was off by 2 feet low and right. Twisted the dials and watched the cross hair come in on target. When I was done the scope crosshairs were dead on the red dot. Locked everything down. and put it away. Went back to the range today. Guess what? NO CHANGE! 1st 2 rounds 4" high and 5" right. , fired 2 more. 7"low and 4" left. . next 2 5 " left 4 " low. In the end 8 rounds on paper (barely). I let one of the guys at the range fire it, thinking I might be mashing the trigger but no difference.:wah: A call to Mom tomorrow for sure. All I can think is a bad barrel or the barrel bedding is bad or the barrel is floating around. Think it's a pinned barrel so that doesn't seem likely. I'll let you know what happens