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    Well, last week I wasnt working until the evening, so I ran to WalMart and picked up a laser bore sighter and then went to the shooting range...I hadnt slept much the night before, and hadnt shot in a result, my shoulder ended up pretty sore after sending 100rds of Wolf 55gr ammo down the are my targets in order of distance...

    First up is 15ft:

    Then 20ft:

    Followed by 30ft (the length I sighted in at):

    And then ~40ft or so (far end of the range against the wall):
  2. What is some great shooting.

    WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Holy crap! I pity the BG who tries to kick in your door!!!!
  4. Looks like good shooting there Ridge! Keep it up buddy.
  5. Ridge

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    Thanks guys :) I was a little dissapointed, personally...the groupings were good up until 40ft, at which point they started going out every lack of sleep also made me pretty tired so I was wavering around a fair bit during my shooting, trying to hold my breath between shots...

    Also, I put 15rds into each target, as I had 100rds of Wolf I had picked up for something like $25 before tax...