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  1. I'm thinking about ordering some iron sights for my carbine. I have a red dot sight on top but I like to have iron sights also.

    Here are the ones I'm looking at.

    I know they aren't the best sights in the world but as all the shoots will be 100 yards or less they should do fine.

    I thought about flip up sights but that is just more stuff to break.

    Anyone got any experience with these?
  2. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    yes, they work great. i have them, USMC_VET uses the same ones, as do others. same ones from amazon.

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  3. RobbK

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    I have them on my 995TS great sights for the money.

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    just like Talon mentioned i have these sights and they're awesome !!:D ,n ow if you want to get the very best then look into Duek defense or Troy industries but you will be paying at least $200 for the set

  5. Thanks guys.

    I thought about getting a better set but I'm only need it to get me 4" groups at 50 yards or less. Just want something for when the batteries fail.