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    Looks like the "green movement" has given something else to the preppers.

    Now you can install a bio-gas (methane) "digester" which can supply an estimated 3 hours of gas for cooking purposes per day.

    Suggested retail once to market will be ~$1,500 but if you act now, you can jump the Indigogo pledge and reserve one for less than $1,000.

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    Is that "bio" stuff still even a thing?

    It was all the rage for a few weeks years ago, then it just disapeared.
    We had a guy locally convert his jeep to run on a homebrewed bio-diesel set up from oil he'd collect from local restaurants the jeep sits in the backyard and he drives a Mustang.

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    Nope. In this case, it's just buzz for a biodegradable digester which collects the outgassing methane for home use, particularly gas stoves. Sounds darned handy to me. At a back of the napkin guesstimate the ROI in my area against a price of ~$2,000 (including MSRP unit, gas piping, etc.) would be something like 3-5 years.

    Because back then used vegetable oil from restaurants was free. Heck, they often had to pay someone to come get their dirty veggie oil. For the home tite-wad, this was great. Just convert or add a second tank to your existing diesel car and then filter the free veggie oil.

    However, the market really caught on and now all restaurants sell their used oil to big companies and it's not free any longer. You can buy new veggie oil at something north of $10/gal. but that's at least twice as expensive as petroleum diesel.

    As far as this bio-gas thing, it's highly likely that there is a 100% DIY option which, with a fair dalop of know-how, could probably be cobbled together from spare parts or some such. I believe that there also may be competing products at lower prices if you knew where to look. I don't. :)

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  4. If one has the inputs for a methane generator, it would be a good option. The price for this one isn't real bad.

    If one is really interested in doing this, check into what is being done in India in this area. I'm not current(been 3-5 years) with what is the state of art there, but small scale energy production/conversion is huge there and SE Asia. There are a few groups that have specialized in financing R&D of various small scale energy production/conversion projects and put plans, results etc on their websites.

    I built one when I was in my late teens. I did it as just an experiment and most or all of the info I used was from Mother Earth News.

    FWIW. The only alt energy people that I still have ongoing contact with is for wood gas.

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    This will hardly be an "Eco-Nazi Greeny" item, Methane
    is said to be several times more "greenhouse gas(sy)"
    than CO2 :rofl:
  6. It isn't if your burning it.

    Why would you go thru the work of making it just to let it escape into the air?
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    That's the thing with economical ideas. When they're no longer economical, they become junk and clutter.
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    Ahhh Nope Nope Nope. May not be the smartest buzzard in the desert, but even I know farts & food don't mix.