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Bad Gun Shop

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Okay, I'm deaf. I was at a gun shop a few days ago. I was looking at their guns(way too much) and stuff. There was 2 people working in there. 1, the owner and 1, was a worker. I was talking to the owner about some smokeless powder for .45acp. He didn't have what I wanted...so he went over to his book to see what he could order for me. Mean while, there is this 70? year old guy...that was looking at a HP.380 pistol, this shop had the .380, 9mm, .40 and the .45 hand guns. He was looking at the .380(used). The worker said that HP were not good guns. I know, because I can read lips very good. The 70 guy said that he didn't have that much money to spent on a gun. The 70 guy looked at me(I was only about 8 feet from him). I said I have that same one. 70 guy said, $289 is too much for him. I said, that is too much for that .380 and that guy left the shop. The worker looked at me with a EVIL eye. Then the GS owner came over to me and stated that he will get some 1 lb bottles of smokelless powder in within 2 weeks. I said okay. When I was out in the parking lot, that 70 man had some truck problems. I went over to him, his battery was dead. I pulled my truck over and jumped started his truck. He was very nice. I told him to go to this other GS and he could get a HP.380 for around $169 new. I gave him my name and #. He just called me(my wife) today to say THANK YOU. He is a proud owner of a HP.380. That GS worker is a bad person. Everything in that GS is too much. I never bought anything in there so far. So, this is my little story. :yes:
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Nice work Sam!! 8)

The GS owner was nice...it's the worker that was bad. Plus, this worker was sitting on his butt the whole time. :mad:
Maybe he is family? They can be the best or the worst employees .... most are not in between. I know my Father and brother run the family business.. I used to work for them and we had some of the cousins working for us and they were downright lazy and ornery and expected us to take their crap... At the time I was foreman and dad said if my crew was a problem I could fire em and hire others. So I lined up a couple of fellas that I knew were hard workers and then dumped the family and hired these other guys. Man those cousins won't talk to me or my dad to this day.. funny part is they have done much better working for non family members.
That is true...that GS worker could have been a family member. Just the way he acted(to me) was not good.
Some people are just worthless.
Post up the GunShop's name and address, if you're gonna call a shop out on it's high prices... call it by name.
(that way when they google themselves ((they all do)) they can see that they pissed off a deaf guy in 2 different ways)
Gooch's Southern Arms, Inc. DBA Southern Rod & Gun. Owner is Joe W. Gooch. This is in Sikeston, MO. :yes:
sounds like some good karma coming your way. good job on helping someone out!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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