Ballester Molina

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  1. Anyone here have any experience with a .45 Ballester Molina? I know it is Argentinian made. It is thin with a nice weight, has an exposed hammer, and wooden grips. I might have the option to buy it off my aunt. :D 1st she doesn't need a gun that big, she has a cobra .380, and 2nd she hasn't even fired it one time since she bought it. Hit me back if you have any info please.

    I would go for it, it would seem like a nice addition to any collection, and it uses standard 1911 mags which aren't hard to find :wink:
    It is basically a 1911 minus the grip safety. The stopped production in the early 50's so your looking at a 60 year old pistol, thats a pretty good buy if its cheap enough and the condition is good.

    Good Luck

  3. If you don't buy it, I WILL! This is freaking cool, looks like a modified 1911 clone, I would snatch one up in a heart beat if I found it at a decent price.
  4. [​IMG]

    Cool...Argentinian Army, that is one basic but indestructable looking gun. While it will probably be worth more in its current condition, I can absolutly picture a nice polish job on that bad boy and... :shock:
    I need an adult beverage.
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    Man for that money you could have a RIA
  6. I had two back when they were $199!

    Their grip safety...should of kept at least one....I won't pay what they want now.
  7. If you're getting it off your Aunt and you get it cheaply enough, it's worth it for the history of the weapon itself. Other than that, I'd probably pass on one if I saw it at a gun show....