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Ballistic Mag lists YC9 in top 21 guns

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Ballistic Mag lists YC9 "Yeet Cannon" in top 21 best new handguns for 2023 from SHOT.

To quote:
Hi-Point YC9 Yeet Cannon
Hi-Point YC9 Yeet Cannon

Hi-Point is unapologetically open and honest about what they make. You don’t buy a Hi-Point to flex or win a competition; you buy one because you want an affordable gun that is going to go bang every time you press the trigger. As the C9 was starting to show its age, the Ohio-based company decided to remodel the old standby to include improved ergonomics, an optics cut slide, and a threaded barrel. Things were going well until they decided to let the internet name it. Keyboard commandos alike agreed that “Yeet Cannon” was the most fitting moniker, and Hi-Point kept its word and inscribed it on the weapon. Best of all, the YC9 is still going to mimic the $199 retail price that made the Gen1 so popular in the first place.

article here:

Peace favor your sword,
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The mythical Yeet Cannon surfaces yet again…….
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