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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by tallbump, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. tallbump

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    SO, last Wednesday evening my wife got an Email saying a PayPal payment was authorized to Woot for about $3,700. Yikes. PayPal is directly attached to our one and only checking account. We only had about $50 in it and payday was Tuesday. I get direct deposit.

    The wife contacts PayPal and Woot and both say they can't do anything.
    I call the bank Thursday and they said since it would take our account so far negative, it would just be declined. Anyone want to guess what happened on Friday?

    If your guess was our account went WAY negative, you'd be right. Thankfully i had pulled some cash out Wednesday after work for something for teh wife-she had sold something on Ebay and had money in PayPal she transferred that I pulled out. That money was something she was saving for something for the girls. But, at least it was cash to go on.

    So, we call the bank, they say they'll return it. We also got hit with a $29 NSF fee too and the bank said they'd take care of it.

    So, the account gets fixed Monday, except for the fee. Paycheck goes in Tuesday, all is well, bank says they are returning the fee.

    On Wednesday the wife gets an email from PayPal saying they were putting the transaction through AGAIN.

    So Thursday the wife calls the bank and says they will do a stop payment. I run over on lunch and sign the paperwork and pull out enough cash to cover the mortgage, a graduation gift for a good friend's son and something else. I do the checkbook Thursday night (we use our debit card for everything and I always balance all receipts against the bank's website) and all is well-except still waiting to get the fee. Paid a few bills online.

    Friday....we got a small check in the mail. Stop to deposit that and then pull the cash out. Yup, insufficient funds. The bank let it go through AGAIN :mad:

    So, now, we had to use the mortgage money to get buy on over the weekend. Will probably get hit with one or two more fees for the bills I paid. Bank says they will take care of those, but it can take a week. NetFlix cancelled since it auto-deducts and the money isn't in there-no biggie, just an inconvenience.

    Oy veh, want an interesting week.

    But, on Friday, we were able to help our friends get ready for their 4th of July and graduation party for their son and we were able to go on Saturday and have a great time, and still give him a nice graduation gift. God is good :D

    Had Friday off paid and took Monday off-taking the girls fishing. All in all, it could be worse.
  2. planosteve

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    That sir I why I refuse to use paypal. End of Line.

  3. planosteve

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    You need to cancel your paypal and woot accounts, sounds like they have been compromised.
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Seriously. Get a dedicated debit card on a non-linked account that cannot access your other accounts, or a secured credit card, and use them on-line.

    I refuse to let PayPal access my bank accounts.
    And I'd be peeved at my bank for not taking care of this proactively. At least they are doing a decent job of kinda-sorta cleaning it up.
  5. MaryB

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    I would be screaming at paypal for fraud along with a threat for small claims court(they have to attend YOUR court, not theirs so it is local). Last time I did that paypal backed down fast, canceled the transaction and returned the money within an hour.
  6. Rerun

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    Keep Your Paypal account Separate from Your main checking account, in a DIFFERENT BANK!

  7. Bull

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    I don't do automatic payments.... I use the PayPal credit feature, pretty handy... All my payments to it are always one time payments.
  8. Hermitt

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    Did you ever find out why woot was trying to get that money from your pp account in the first place?

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Don't tell me this is Bankamerica. I hate those bastards. If it is I can tell a couple of stories.

    Never done paypal. Can you hook a credit card to it? I do all online buying with a credit card so I can deny any false charges. I quit using debit cards online to CMA.
  10. Think1st

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    That's my question, too. A payment doesn't just schedule itself from your account. Fraudsters schedule payments from your account.

    If a payment is to be issued, but is fraudulent, then the transaction agency has an obligation to stop it--particularly when you have notified them in advance. You notified PayPal and your bank, well in advance, so they should have stopped the payment.
  11. tallbump

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    No, it's not Bank America.

    Not sure how woot factors in. She has a Woot account, like a log in and password, but I don't think that any financial info is attached to it.

    She called PayPal and they wouldn't do anything. She even called the second time about the charge going through again and they said they couldn't stop it.

    We checked the account this morning. It's almost fixed. We still haven't been credited the first fee, and we were no charged a second one. The bank claims that will go away since that transaction was declined. We'll see.

    I think we are going to open a new account with our bank and transfer everything to that and leave the old one attached to PayPal.

    In the meantime, I'm getting the girls ready and we're going fishing.
  12. Rerun

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    Banks have a tendency to treat all accounts as one account.

    Better to separate Your business and family accounts between TWO DIFFERENT BANKS.

    I am speaking from experience here.

  13. SWAGA

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    Without reading every answer you may want to look into a separate prepaid debit/credit card for online purchases.
    I've never had issues with PayPal but on my third credit card this year as Bank Of America keeps discovering fraudulent attempts.
    I have their fraud protection.
  14. tallbump

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  15. Hermitt

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    Copied from wikipedia.....

    Woot would have been the culprit to initiate the transaction. Apparently, someone either hacked your or ordered something using your username/password on your account. Paypal is just paying (or trying to pay) the requested debit. You need to find out why woot is charging papal for something that you did not order from their site. It appears to me that woot needs to be contacted and have them clear the transaction.
  16. lsi1

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    hope that you and your family get up and on your feet soon.
  17. bscar

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    MY first thought was was this an actual paypal email, or one of those spoof/scam emails that everyone gets.

    Run a virus scan on your computer, log into and see if you can track previous orders, then let woot know what's going on.
  18. tallbump

    tallbump Supporting Member

    So, the wife checked on this today and noticed that we still hadn't had the first NSF fee returned, let alone the more recent one.
    I am at work and fairly busy today, but was going to call and check on this.

    Jumped online to check our statement and noticed they charged us a fee for the stop payment :mad:

    At this point, I figured

    A- this would take a while and didn't have time since I am busy at work and
    B- didn't want to lose my cool over the phone with them-I really try not too

    So I had the wife call

    Supposedly they are returning all 3 tomorrow. We'll see. That's almost $90
  19. SWAGA

    SWAGA No longer broke... Lifetime Supporter

    Time to go talk to the bank

  20. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    I agree with SWAGA