Banned from ModernVespa forum for stating that I carry a gun

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by neothespian, Jan 8, 2008.

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    Well, not that I've been thrilled about one of the forums I was a member of, but the ModernVespa forum was, well, a forum for owners of Vespas made after the P/PX/PK era (that would be the 4 stroke automatic Vespas you see sold new nowadays)

    Now, I consider myself Liberal AND innovative at the same time. I cannot stand trends, fashion for the sake of fashion, or being seen for the sake of it. I enjoy hacking desktops with Linux protocols, making my own hardware and parts for various machines, making things do what they're not supposed to and eschewing people's ideas of what "should" be.

    This isn't what most trendwhores who buy Vespas like to hear because they spend most of their time trying to match their Italian shoes with the colour and texture of the saddle of their 4th or 5th NEW Vespa and the like.....which is what seems to be the current crop of "Modern" Vespa riders. Think owners of new Hummers vs. Vets who actually are able to afford a H1.

    The problem is that a Vespa to these folks means that you also own a mac, MUST spend $500 bucks on a pair of "Lucky" jeans because that is THE in thing in San Fransisco scooter clubs at the moment, and every other thread is about cooking shows or the Prius. Oh, and also insisting that I REALLY bought my bike for the looks and not for anything else no matter how much I dilluted myself (Because riding characteristics have NOTHING to do with a bike nor does the 70 year pedigree of motorcycling... of course)

    Narrow minded? Well, I'm all for eschewing the current worldview, but this was just downright ...special.

    I had been warned of my "disruptive" behaviour such as introducing politics (should Harleys be allowed in European-only bike rallys and such), my "Anti-Mac" attitude (since it seems that 4 of the admins worked for Apple), and my "aggressive" nature.

    Well, there was a simple thread about a guy who was hit by a driver who sped off, and his venting about it. Fair enough: Sucks to be him and that was hella dangerous. My suggestion on how he could've stopped it? CCW. Told him I carry, and in the city of Phoenix, it's really NOT a bad idea if you're a responsible citizen.

    I was told that this was the LAST straw :roll: ant that such "Disruptive, violent and reckless behaviour would not be tolerated." And that my statements were "Subversive and unacceptable in civil discussion", and was promptly banned for stating such an opinion.

    ALMOST makes me ashamed to be riding a Piaggio if this is the current rider market. Now I know how riders of Knuckleheads and R100 Bimmers feel :cry:

    The era of the sport of Motorcycling, I suppose, it at an end. Now I suppose it's only about looks and money. Used to be when I was a kid that Vespas were what the kids who were NOT rich rode. You'd buy an old PX for 200 pounds, get it to barely running condition, and ride to the punk shows in Glasgow or tear hell up around the Catholic side of town looking for the places that served minors so we could get trashed. Hell, my mum wasn't ALLOWED to date anyone driving a "tarted" up Lambretta or Vespa in the late 60's because of the "Mod" reputation!

    Now, they're being ridden by Rachel Rae fans who brag about their $200 Ugg boots and spend most of the time trying to figure out how to hook their iPhone up to charge it off the bike instead of riding 200 miles to see a show or putting in overtime to buy that new POC performance pipe to impress his mates.

    Sorry for the long rant. Just feel a bit disillusioned. Then again, it just may be over here....or the commercialization...

    Then again, perhaps I just need to find an old P200e and rebuild it again.

    Thanks for the space!
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    well now you know why we call people who do not like guns liberals. lol.


    hey tough luck on getting kicked out. There are always just some people have zero tolerance for any other ideas and they will never be open to rational thought or logic. (not just the vespa guys when I try to convince some of my libertarian buddies that not every conspiracy theory they they can come up with is true they go into the tin foil hat mode and are closed to open discussion.)

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    Oh, I have my own fair share of "Tinfoil Hat" moments (Look up WEB 2.0 initiatives...THAT gets me going worse than the NAU for some of you guys).

    I'm just bummed that my teenage counter-culture memories are now being determined by a bunch of middle aged, stuck up, bigoted middle management prats who think that because they have $7,000 a pop to buy up EVERY special edition Vespa it makes them more "counter culture" and actually rub it in people's faces that they're being "Green"....

    And towing their scooters to rallys in H3's and "Hybrid" SUV's (Dont' get me started on THAT one..).
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    I looked up said WEB 2.0 but all I found was that it is community based internet sort of like the "blogoshpere" and wikipedia.

    I think that I am missing something... did I do something wrong with my search?

    "WEB 2.0 initiatives"

    or am I just not appreciating what I am reading like I should?
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    Dude, that's just nuts. How narrow must thier view be vs us? I really dont wonder, just asking obvious question. I guess the basic human right of self defense dont matter to them, as long as there is someone else there to do the dirty work: LEO and such. God forbid anyone pick up a rock to defend themselves from any threat, or any other utensil for defense. I can only shake my head at that mentality.
    As for the poser part: yeah, the worlds rife with them. Always following "trends" or fads. You being you, is independant enough for me, but why would you worry about what I though to begin with, eh? Thats how I am. I wear my hair how I want, the clothes that I want, and really dont care to follow fashion, or fad. When you are cool, you dont have to ask if you are from ANY one.
    As for the bigoted, rich prats (couldnt say what I wanted), let them have their fantasy. But when their fantasy and thoughts of how it should be run, and kick you out of a forum for a basic human right, well, Thats just nuts. Too bad you couldnt stick around and get honest feedback, other than "I have had enough of your insolent behavior" response to your posts.
    Which leads me to our little space on the 'net: It isnt perfect, but i would be damned to find one that is more civil, respectful, and basically decent folks. Its the one I hit up everyday, first thing after email. We got all walks of life, all types of experience, and I am proud to say: Zero Snobs. We all may not agree with each other, but we basically agree to disagree with each other. Honest open discourse is always welcome, encouraged even. When peoples skills at debate run out, and they go to names and insults, thats not good, and for another thread.
    In summation, I am sad that you got booted for being you. I cant imagine a more mellow person that has been treated that way, as I have the luxury of meeting and shooting with you. To all the others who honestly wonder about Neo: hes a stand up guy. I dont say that about everyone I meet, but hes a case of the real deal. Although I may not agree with him on some things, its best to have someone with a real different view: I couldnt imagine a forum of "Yes" men.
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    Alot of web 2.0 is a buzzword that corporations have latched onto. In theory it's the need to "upgrade" the communications medium in order to make the internet more useful, and of course alot of companies have jumped on the bandwagon.

    BUT, if you read in further with alot of the industry blogs and 'zines for technology, alot of these companies are seeing a chance to play on peope's fear of being "outdated" in order to make more off it. Some companies suggest that a subscription should be offered to premium 2.0 sites in order to "preserve" the quality of the sites. Others insist that users computers in cooperation nations must meet a minimum government mandated level of hardware and software requirements. If you're computer does not meet up to the current web 2.0 content described by the corporations, your "licence" for your computer will not be renewed and your machine will be disabled.

    Other companies have offered up a "licence" proposal for this new network that would be regulated by, you guessed it, the local and federal governments. If you don't meet certian requirements you can be denied access to the new upgraded internet (essentially revoking your licence for free speech). Many companies insist this is the ONLY way to keep "clean" content on the internet and weeding out the less desireable parts. But WHO would determine what is desireable and what isn't?

    What does this mean for countries that have less GDP than the US, EU or Japan? That means they're no longer invited to the party and are religated to the "commoner's" internet, and not allowed full access to a medium that up until recently has been considered the only true form of free speech, simply because they can't afford to keep up with mandates and/or have governments who won't issue them a licence for a "certified" computer.

    It's alot of page 5 tech industry news, but as networks become faster and more and more people around the world become wired with the sharp drop in computer technology, there are going to be MANY companies who don't want EVERYONE to have the same access to the world media that they do.

    See...TOLD ya I had my tinfoil hat moments. (except I KNOW this is an issue)
  7. neothespian

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    Thank you.

    Simply enough. Thank you.

    Going to bed now....too much caffine and too damn cold to build anything out there. And I wanted to show off my new "Snowthrower" made from a gas powered weed wacker.

    No. I'm not kidding. Will hopefully have video tomorow of it's function.
  8. Neo - if I got booted from here, I admit I'd be sad and angry, both. Knowing how passionate you are about bikes and "intercourse" (verbal in this case), this must really sting. I gotta say, this is their loss with no doubts.

    Now........... onto the fun part! How do WE sign up? It would be a hoot for 2-3 of us to join for a bit then drop the CCW bomb! Maybe set up a monthly rotation plan!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  9. LOL, newskate you know how to pick a fight don't you? Sounds like fun! But it really does suck that two of your passions conflict in their respective communities. I mean we rag on you, but ever since reading all your posts over the last year or two, every time I see an old vintage scooter I no longer laugh. Even admired a pair of them that were all chromed out one day while the wife laughed at me and made a geek/segway joke. So I guess it's them that clash with us. Really could go several ways with this, but don't want to start a liberal ordeal (for once). Just sucks they shun you for exercising your freedom and god given rights under the constitution.
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    You arent alone. Ive been tossed off a couple different forums becuase of my love of things that go bang. Heck i got tossed off TFL because one of the mods thought everybody from ND/SD was white trash.

  11. talk about a bunch of sad little, narrow minded numbnuts. Just plain sad.
  12. Well, that's some jacked up B.S.
    You don't need them.
  13. Carrying a weapon is subversive? Hmmmm.... I thought it was a 2d Amendment right. No, no... that sounds like something the British would say... and one of the reasons why this right was placed in the Constitution.

    I understand the issue, though. In a lot of the circles I travel, if I were to let them know that I was carrying a CCW, they would trip... like I was going to shoot them or something... like some gremlin was going to pull the trigger... like I was some criminal that was going to mug them... what? Can't I just be a responsible citizen that is licensed to have a firearm to defend himself "just in case." They see it as living in some kind of state of terror. Well, terror, to me, is living in a state of fear that something might jump off at any moment and you're not able to do anything about it except be a victim
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    Good riddance to them if that's the way they are. Glad your here.

  15. Dont feel alone Neo, I rode a Harley back when it was still meant something.

    Now it is a fad for people with too much money and are worried about getting all of the proper accessories to go with it so their friends will be impressed.

    (no offense meant to any of the true Harley riders still out there, you know who you are )
  16. Been there, got banned from a Canadian run Ford truck forum for talking about guns....
  17. AGuyNamedMike

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    Black hat bard, is that you? I had a look over there and agree, it seems to be quite the collection of elitist poseurs. I noticed looking through the threads that you even started to sound like them at times. It's good you got out of there before complete indoctrination. You, sir, are better off (and so are we).
  18. z71silverado98

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    yea im pretty sure hes the bard, i wasnt gonna mention it but someone else found him too.
    I like the Vespa & Mac thread, and all the talk about Iphones, what a bunch of materialistic individuals.
  19. Space

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    What is the best sideboard holster for a Marlin 30-30 that will fit on a Vespa?

    I put a Honda 90 motor in my new vespa and now it's reliable and doesn't leak oil no more.

    ....could have a lot of fun over there.
  20. Sorry: this is OT.

    Please post on the Vespa forum.



    Neo: this sucks. Others have said much more, much better, but, yeah: I checked out the other forum, and it's been overrun with rectal chapeaux.