barel hand guard options for AR

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    already looking at customizing my new AR even though i've got (9) more days until it is free from DROS !!:eek:

    My Omni hybrid 5.56 AR comes with a low profile picatinny rail gas block and no FSP and looking at changing out the stock barrel covers . Looking at something from Magpul like a free float cover or nicer handguards . is there anything available or ????

    Already have a really nice Magpul STR collapsible stock i purchased at my LGS ...
  2. Rachgier

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    Why not wait and throw some lead down range with your stock "good deal" before you blow the budget on new furniture? You might like the feel of what's already on it and be able to put the money saved towards ammo and other gidgets, gadgets, or additional magazines. Like another caliber upper as you mentioned in your other thread.


    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    Was just looking for handguards with a rail so I could mount a AFG
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    NE Utah
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    I didn't own the hybrid, but I used to own an Omni

    used to....

    Hadn't even done 100 rounds and the gun fragged itself
  6. MaryB

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    Midwest Industries free float handguard
  7. Tchort

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    I must be real luck, reg omni, 1500 +round or more, 6 degrees to 80 degrees out. Not even a crack. I look it over good after every trip to shooting range because so paranoid after seeing pictures like these. Only have shot 5.56 if that matters at all???
  8. Tchort

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    What i put on mine since ATI out of stock so long. Works good.

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    I wanted to get the front sight off of the gas block of my MSR and replaced the factory hand guards with a quad rail aluminum handguard. I did not expect much, but have been pleasantly surprised. So far so good!
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