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  1. While cleaning my 995 I noticed a bulge just ahead of the hand grip never had a problem that would cause this , looked into the barrel using a bore light nothing jammed in there, have already blown up my 4095 the bulge on that was just ahead of the chamber , any ideas. Starting to get concerned Sorry for the poor pics
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    Send it in.

    And I never give that advice first. Might have had a squib and not noticed.

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    That is one issue that there is only one course of action, call MOM and send it back for repair.
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    IF...and I do mean are worried about it, send it in.

    A bulge isn't always a death sentence...but in a 9mm, that close to the chamber, I'd go for replacement.
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    Are you shooting reloads? You've had both a 4095 AND a 995 with bulged barrels?
  7. I sometimes shoot reloads this time I shot new Remington ammo I use reloads in my 9mm, Sig .357, 45 Colt and 40 handguns, and .223 rifle with no problems cant see where it could cause problems unless I may had a bad load on a round at one time.
    I called MOM at 8 am got a recorded message assisting other calls leave message spoke my message waited and got message, ended due to no audible sound . what's going on ? having a problem is ok with me as long as it can be solved. slowly going from concerned to pissed.
    Going to pack it up and send it off with the info they require. Luckily this time wasn't as catastrophic as the 40 it literally blew up with the bullet and case still in the barrel.
    Pic of the 40
  8. MoM will take care of it. Sorry you have issues, may wanna stick to factory loads in the HPs. I dont shoot reloads in my HPs.
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    I'm thinking you may need to recheck the quality of your reloads..... One incident can be written off as an anomaly........ Two points toward a trend, IMO.
  10. I never call Mom, I just pack 'em up with the info they ask for on their website. I sent in a 995 with a bulged barrel that I got from one of the auction sites; Mom replaced it no questions asked.
  11. Thanks guys I will pack it up and ship it they took care of my 40 and it has worked good since then. No more roll your own ammo
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    How the heck do you get a case stuck in the barrel? :confused:
  13. Barrel bulge is only caused from a bore obstruction of some sort, probably a primed round with no powder.

    Good thing is mom like probably still fix it without any fuss.
  14. some how the case didn't eject and another round slammed it further in the barrel and fired . As you can see the casing has land marks on it after traveling through the barrel, scared the crap out of me
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    Funny, the C9 in the "Ultimate torture test" videos barrel only bulged after repeatedly hammering a lag bolt into the barrel and firing with ultra hot loads. It takes a lot to bulge a barrel on a Hipoint.
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    Making your own ammo is fine. You just have to follow the manufactures load data. Don't go above max. If you are not very experienced which takes years go low to middle and stay there. You will enjoy it more without hurting your self or others. Play it safe.
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    Just as important to make sure your brass is good, overuse is just as dangerous as a bad load.

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    Thanks Bull for got to add always check your brass.

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    Picking up .40 brass fired by a Glock could cause KB's when reloading. (Glock bulge) The chambers aren't fully supported and can result in failure to chamber, and KB's. The striker on a Glock leaves a distinctive mark on the primer. Hourglass?

    When I have extra money I am going to buy a Lone Wolf .40 barrel for the better chamber. I do want to get into reloading. Mo-money-mo-money!