Barrel Removal

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  1. Tried to take down the barrel today, but I could not take out the larger pin...the one that punches out from the right side of the frame. Whats the most proper way to do it, I took a pin and hammer to it, but it wouldn't budge....I want to sand and polish the whole thing...
    Let me know of any tips...thanks!
  2. BSK

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    you must have done it wrong by using a punch that is too big. the pin will fall out just like its shown in the disassembly thread

  3. Ari

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    Dumb question... Why take the barrel down?
  4. I was using the allen wrench that comes with the gun...
  5. BSK

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    use a small nail. worked for me
  6. I think I used a 3/32 punch to take mine out. the pins drive straight out easily, and then you wiggle around on the barrel to get it to come out. pretty straightforward
  7. Thanks I'll give it another stab...