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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by 0311, Jan 3, 2015.

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    Been looking at all the cool mods done to carbines. I plan on throwing a paint job on mine soon, still working on a design.
    Anyway, on Long Shot Mfg. web site, they have some really cool barrel shrouds with an integrated rail. Just wondered if that could be used as a front mount for a MBUIS? Only way I've seen it is with the rail facing DOWN.
    I have a BSA red dot scope on there now, would love to have a co-witness as a back up.
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    They're a member here. Try PMing them.

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    It would work, but I don't suggest doing it. The rail would need to somehow interlock into the fore-end of the stock in order to remain rigid enough to withstand vibration and/or being bumped. I don't think you would be too happy with the front sight shifting from a slight bump after you had spent time and ammo sighting it in. We are going to come out with one of our Integrated Shroud/rail units that can have up to 4 rails mounted to it, but the lower rail is the main one because it is the one that is keyed into the stock fore-end. How about one of our barrel shrouds with a custom length top rail that mounts to the top of the shroud AND on the receiver shroud? It would be a TRUE full length top rail about 21" long. We could make it a Low-Profile rail with an overall height of about .315". The price for the top rail and shroud combo would be approx. $160 though, which is a kind of high priced add-on for an HP carbine. Anyone wants to actually pre-order one, please get in touch with us about it. Delivery time to shipping ready with a black anodized finish would be approx 3 weeks from placing an order. Un-finished brushed aluminum would be 1 week ready to ship. $150 for unfinished brushed aluminum.