BarrelBlok for dry fire training

Discussion in 'Training' started by NovaGuy, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. NovaGuy

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    Hey Gang! Thought you guys might dig this- its called BarrelBlok and is made for dry fire training safely. I bought something similar for my M&P Shield 9c, but you have to disassemble the gun to install it in the barrel. Easy with the M&P, not so easy with my HP 9c.
    This gizmo is FLEXIBLE and inserts through the ejection port! No need to tear down your Hi-Point! $10 each and $1.50 shipping. I have one on order. Should be here soon. I'll let you know when it arrives.
    Genius. :D
  2. SWAGA

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    What is the advantage of these over like snap caps?

  3. mn_doggie

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    There is no advantage.

    Because of the long rod you can't:

    Load via a mag by racking the slide,
    Practice clearing the firearm, etc.

    Snap caps are way better.
  4. NovaGuy

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    I dont think there's any "advantage." I have snapcaps too. The thing about these is safety. You know the gun is clear just by looking. Great if there are more people than yourself training or more than one gun.
    IDK, it's just another option.