Barsony pancake holster any good?

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    I know it's probably been covered a 100 times, sorry to bring it up again. Are these holsters any good? I like the looks of it, looks like it will conceal nicely. I think it might ride too high for my taste, if I have any taste! It's a $35 gamble.....I hate gambling.
  2. They are made of light weight chrome tanned leather. Which there is nothing wrong with that unless you leave the gun in the holster, and do not wipe it down when taking it out. Chrome tanned leather is more corrosive than veg tanned leather.

    If you get one you can soak it in hot water to get some of the salts out, then dry with gun in a plastic bag to help form the holster. If you want to go one step further you can hot wax the holster which then solves the corrosion problem because the leather is sealed.

    I use chrome tanned leather, but I always soak then hot wax. The latigo leather soaks up the wax, and when it sets it is just like kydex. Veg tanned leather has gotten very expensive so much of the value leather holsters are chrome tanned.

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    More info than I paid for, thanks! :D