Basic Flashlight Techniques

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    Information which is readily available from many different sources, but still good basics:

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I trained with the FBI technique and prefer it over the other two methods as it allows me to accurately shoot my target and lessen their chance of hitting me in return.

    I practise a lot of one handed shooting.


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    Going off the harries description. Point your support arm "straight down", now try and swing to the right without dislocating your shoulders :laugh:

    It's done with a natural angle to the arm, pretty simple to use really especially if you use a small flashlight with a tail switch. As an upside, the flashlight makes for a handy fist pack.
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    Depending on the situation I use either the FBI or Harries technique.
    You should always train with at least two methods of accomplishing any firearms task. If your primary technique cannot be deployed you need to have a backup that you are proficient in. ;)

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