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By using the following, you imply that you are able to follow gun safety rules, and that you are able to use basic hand tools without inflicting great bodily harm on yourself or others…

HiPoint Pistols 101



Basic tools needed:

1/8" pin punch (tight fit)
3/32" pin punch (looser fit)
1/16" pin punch (tight fit)
3/16" pin punch (tight fit)
ball pein hammer
bench blocks (hockey pucks)
3/32" Hex key/allen wrench
1/8" flat screwdriver


1. Make sure gun is unloaded.

1.5 This shows the slide retainer in the rear of the slide.

2. Pull slide back and engage safety.

3. Punch out roll pin with the punch.

4. Pull slide back and lift up. Watch out for the recoil spring under the barrel in the front.

That is basic HiPoint pistol disassembly.


When you go to reassemble the pistol, the slide retainer goes down in the hole indicated.

Once you have reassembled the pistol, pull the slide back a couple times, and test for function with a snap cap.


Proper location of the guide rod.


HiPoint Pistols 201

Advanced disassembly:

5. Sear is removed by tipping the cam slightly to the right (or removing it). Then, the sear can be lifted up and out.


This is a necessary assembly. It helps to keep you pistol from firing if it is dropped. I advise dropping it to see if it really works.

6. Underneath the sear, is the counterweight pivot pin. The counterweight is removed through the magazine well. (Flat side goes down.)


7. This is the ejector pivot pin. It should be driven towards the top of the slide to remove it. When you remove the punch from the hole, watch out for the spring that is behind the ejector. Reinstall the pin from the top.


C9 overview pictures

Old and new slide retainer

Right side

The magazine lockout fits with the “_†part of the “L†at the bottom. The little wire spring fits with the “_†part of the “L†in the little hole in the magazine release button. To remove the grip, lift the top of it up a little, and then lift the grip towards the top of the pistol.

Left side


Inside the slide


Comparison of C9 and JHP .45

Right side

Left side


Basic operation

5. Without a magazine in the pistol, the place indicated by the arrow fits in the notch (D), and blocks the trigger and sear cam from operating (C). When you insert a magazine, it is pushed up, allowing the trigger and sear to operate. The trigger linkage (A) pushes down on the cam (B), which pulls down on the sear. This allows the firing pin to advance forward, and strike the primer.

Picture of safety engaged. The safety prevents the sear from falling.

A picture of the safety when it is ready to fire.


Other information

Ghost Ring Sight Installation

To remove open sight from sight base:
1. Use allen wrench and screwdriver to remove rear sight from slide. Place screws and elevation spring to the side.
2. Turn windage screw counterclockwise until open sight releases from left side of sight base

To install ghost ring sight:

1. With inset (counter bore) side towards you, start ghost ring into the key hole slot in the

left side of the sight base. Turn windage screw clockwise to center.
2. Reinstall ghost ring and sight base back into the slide, being careful to properly align the elevation spring.

Do NOT over tighten the elevation screw.


New models have a chamber observation port.


Barrel assembly


9mm Data


The 8 round magazines will not work in the carbine because they are shorter.

Left to right: 8 round pistol, 10 round pistol, 10 round carbine. The 10 round pistol magazine has a block on the bottom to help prevent it from pivoting in the magazine well. The carbine magazines are capable of being inserting in the magazine well of the pistol, but may not feed reliably.

The feed lips appear to be the same.

Magazine followers

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