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  1. CAusfahl

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    I recently purchased a Pursuit 1X30 red/green dot scope. It says that it fits a 5/8" Weaver-style or 3/8" tip-off bases. I am trying to place it on a 995T carbine. It is not working well. I would appreciate advice.
  2. CAusfahl

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    When I said it is not working well I mean the thing won't fit. Is the rail on the carbine a picatinny or a weaver type? come on guys I need some help here.

  3. Bull

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    It's kinda neither.... Some guys on here have filed the slots to make work. Someone who knows more than me will help you with this.. Or try searching function... There should be some threads on this
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    Return the Pursuit 1X30 red/green dot scope to the store. It's often recommend you don't modify your rail to make it fit.

    Look for some other optic that clearly states, on the packaging, that it fits Picatinny/Weaver rails. If the accessory states that it fits both Picatinny rails and Weaver rails, it normally will fit the Hi-Point carbines nicely.
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    the HP uses a proprietary rail system that is somewhere in between weaver/picatinny specs. its a bit larger than one, a bit smaller than the other. USUALLY weaver products fit with no issue, and SOMETIMES if it says ''fits weaver and picatinny rails'' it fits snugly. standard 'fits picatinny rails' it usually requires you to either use a smaller mounting bolt, which isnt always possible, or to use a small round 'rat tail' file to enlarge the holes on your rail just a tiney little bit.

    not sure who ''often recommends not modifying the rail'' but around here, ALOT of people not only do modify the rail, but recommend it. it wont hurt the rail, you'll be fine.

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    ^ .... This !!!