Battlestar Galactica Fans Listen up!

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  1. Alright folks. In case you haven't heard, Sci-Fi Channel is getting ready to air a 2 hour TV movie on November 24 at 9pm Eastern Time entitled Battlestar Galactica: Razor. From what I gather it's a back-up story about the Battlestar Pegasus and it's crew after the initial Cylon attack.
    Here's a link to more info:
    After the initial airing, it will be released on DVD on Dec. 4th at most retailers. Maybe that should feed the Galactica need of the fans until the 4th and final season begins in April 2008. Frak, thats a long time to wait.
    It gets worse: there's talk that the 4th season will be split into 2 parts; the first part to air beginning April '08 and the second half might not see the light of day until sometime in 2009!
    Thank goodness I have the other seasons on DVD to watch.
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    Why are they screwing with the showings? Its one of Sci-Fi greatest hits and you think they would ride the wave and pump out the shows.

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    Yes but when will Season 3 of Galactica be released on DVD?

    Europe and Australia already have Season 3 but not here in the USA!
    Whats up with that?
  4. I'll never understand what goes through the mind of a TV network executive. It's not the first time Sci-Fi had gotten all screwy with the schedule.
    As for a Season 3 DVD release here in the US, I searched to see if the y had a tenative release date and there was no info
    on it whatsoever.
    I actually thought they would have it out for this holiday season but no dice.
  5. Alright BSG Fans, Battlestar Galactica: Razor is coming on tonight at 9pm Eastern Time on SCI-FI! Don't forget it!
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  7. Im a stargate guy, but probably would love this show but it's one that's hard to get into when you have no idea what's going on. Will watch for some box sets to hit ebay cheap and maybe pick them up. The past episodes are available online on the website are they? I know alot of others are, like Jericho, which I gotta catch up on and find out what happened.
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    I hate flashbacks.
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    Flashbacks are getting annoying.....watching it as I type.
  10. Yeah, the flashback scenes sort of bothered me too.
    Interesting the way they are going with the Starbuck storyline.
    Good? Evil? Who knows.
    Will they find Earth? Probably. Will it be as they expected? Probably not.
    Here's my theories.
    Either they get to Earth and no one is here and they themselves are the origin of humaity on Earth, making them our ancestors....OR....
    they get to Earth and find it long abandoned by humanity for other worlds in the galaxy, meaning they are our decendants. Meaning sometime in the future we branch out and colonize a world, name it Kobol, screw it up like we did this one and end up colonizing 12 others, in the process Earth becomes a myth. There's evidence to back up this theory according to some sites I've checked. When they founf the temple on Kobol, the constellation layout was such as it would be if one was looking from Earth, not Kobol. Meaning that the ancient Kobol people had some recollection of Earth.Heck the very Zodiac they base their culture on is designed on the star patterns as seen from Earth. They had to have come from Earth becuase the star patterns would not be the same on Kobol or any other of the Colonial worlds. I think they're not our cousins, they're our decendants.
  11. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, Sci-Fi aired the mid-season finale of BSG tonight.
    It was awesome.
    They found Earth.
    But it wasn't what they expected. It was, however, quite similar to what i expected.
    They find it, they land, they show what appears to be the ravaged skyline of a futuristic city that has been obliterated by nuclear war.
    Then it goes off.
    Now we may very well have to wait until 2009 to see the second half of the season.
    God, I hate the Sci-Fi TV executives.
  12. that sucks... i had to wait frackin forever for this season to start, and now they leave me hanging until 09.. hopefully, it will be back in jan 09, and finish the story..
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    Just watched it.
    One of the things I love about this show is that there is always something unexpected going on.
    I would have never seen this happening.
  14. I love the story telling, the action, the twists and turns.
    It is the only TV program I really give a damn about anymore.
  15. Well...frak :!: :!: :!:
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    Sadly I have to agree. There are only a small few programs left on tv any more, so much crap has taken over, much like with radio. But as with all that, if it does not suet me, I change the station or turn it off.
  17. Just to remind my fellow Battlestar Galactica fans,
    the new episodes start next Froday, January 16th at 10PM EST.
    These are going to be the last episodes with the series finale airing around March 20th.
    I've been waiting since June of last year for some answers. Now maybe I'll get them.
  18. ditto with wanting some frakin answers. i'm excited, and will have my dvr ready to go.
  19. Just a little over 30 minutes until the season premier.
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    Was a good show.
    I have come to a few conclusions.
    First, and this was my thought at the end of last year. They are not at earth. The producers did not show you any land masses to conferm the planet. The crew only THINKS they are at Earth.

    Second. I think we might find that things worked backwards to how they believe. Point being. Earth is not the 13th colony but the first. The 12 colonys of Cobol were settlers from the first. AND we may find that all who think they are human are not. That the first colony being earth was enhabited by synthetics, that humans had died off long ago and the robots made by them had replaced them, later they the synthetics made their own robots and the cycle came full circle.
    The humans ARE the cylons who are the humans. Remember All of this has happened before, and will happen again.

    Third, There are more than 12 cylon modles, Tie believes the 12th cylon is his wife, and if so, she died before the destruction of the reurection ship, so she may still be alive. Also it now looks like Starbuck is also a cylon. So that would mean that there was a cylon model for each colony. 13 colonies 13 modles.

    Fouth, The resurection hub is a problem. The hub that was destroid was the hub that the known 7 were resurected from.
    None of the seven know who the final 5 or 6 are. So what resurection ship where they being reborn in? and where is it?