Be careful with the 9x25 Dillon

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  1. Found this while researching some stuff for my book...

    "But the biggest drawback to the cartridge, and the one that largely contributed to it falling out of favor was the enormous shock wave that was produced when the cartridge was fired. When firing the gun, the shooter could actually feel the impulse hit their face and travel up their arm. After a while, some people began to experience Tendinitis in their wrists and other soreness in their wrists and arms. For a lot of people the trade-off from reduced felt recoil and a quicker second shot wasn't worth the potential damage that could be caused to their hearing and wrists."

    Interesting... I guess it's because other high-recoil guns aren't shot as much as the 9x25... never seen anyone pound through box after box of .50 AE.
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    I would if I owned one!

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    What is a 9x25 dillon? Is that a 9x25 bullet by some brand Dillon? I thought the 995 used 9x19 rounds?
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    9x25 dillon is a 10mm auto round necked down to 9mm. kinda like what they did to a .40 to make .357 SIG. hot rod round for handloaders that can and does excede 2500 FPS out of a 5" bbl. i thought about it as a conversion for my G20 and decided to just hang with a 1500 FPS 10mm 155 gr.

  5. 995 does use 9x19. This was for other firearms, like custom 1911's.
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    And the Webley and the Automag..
    Nice round just wish I could find a longer barrel carbine for it.
    Or modify the 995...