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  1. tatters

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    I think the 995 is a wonderful little carbine. The only thing I don't really like is the texture of the external steel parts.

    As I was thinking about painting said parts, I want to take the texture down to a more matte finish.

    Has anyone bead blasted the exterior metal? I have access to a bead blaster where I work.

  2. Uraijit

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    The parts aren't steel, they're a Zinc Alloy. Anyway, several people have bead blasted or sanded the finish down. Most folks polish it for a chrome look, but you could also DuraCoat it, or something similar.

  3. tatters

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    The sheet metal is zinc alloy?
  4. No, that is sheet metal. I think Uraijit is thinking about the internal bolt, or he is confusing the 995 with the zinc alloy slides of the Hi-Point pistols.

    Bead blasting that bolt cover should be fine tatters. Post pics of it when you get it done, that would be interesting to see.
  5. tatters

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    The bead blasting went well, I got the texture I wanted. I decided to paint all the sheet metal, and used a primer gray as the color, and then proceded to clear coat it. Well, I used Krylon, and I'm afraid it's not going to hold up well. Just isn't as hard as I would like. Also, the primer I used was just a bit too light in color for my tastes.

    So..... my plan is to strip it, and use automotive paint on it this time, and use a much darker shade of gray. I want 2 tone, but a fairly close 2 tone.

    Has anyone done these covers with automotive paint? Or possibly a suggestion on a paint that finishes up a bit harder? I would like a matte finish.

  6. i'd like to see some pics of a two tone gray/black 995
  7. Lashlarue

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    Might I suggest the krylon fusion paint. I used it to paint part of the grill work on my Liberty. It has been in use for a year and looks like new. In the photo it is the red part.Considering the numerous carwashs, road debris and the fact that it is not garaged[I don't have one]it appears to be bullet proof,no priming necessary....[​IMG]
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    New to Forum not sure if it's too late to post this but... I have found that Krylon is a good choice of brands but to do a harded coat on sheat metal your best bet would be to use the heat resistant type. A light sanding is a good idea, primer is optional, but I would highly suggest a wet sanding after first coat dries and applying a second coat. If your single or your signifigant other does't mind the smell, I would also suggest letting the painted part dry in your ELECTRIC over ( dont do this in a gas oven) on warm setting.
    Good luck, hope to see the pics soon.