Beautiful S&W model 15 in local pawn

Discussion in 'General Hi-Point Discussion' started by Browning 9 Guy, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Browning 9 Guy

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    It's stunning. A 4-inch Model 15 in the local pawn. Pristine gloss blue, bull barrel and rounded butt, factory walnut grips with Tyler-T. By "pristine" I mean perfect, like it was manufactured today. I adore old Smith and Wesson 38 Specials. Just can't pay the 600 dollars they're asking without dipping into savings. What would you guys do?
  2. GKC

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    It's a funny thing, but I'm always reading on the S&W forum how people in various parts of the country find such great bargains in pawn shops. Around here, the pawn shops I've been to have their guns priced outrageously high.

    I'm not an expert on pricing S&W revolvers by any means, but there are some things that will significantly affect the gun's value. For example, do you know what model/generation (i.e., 15, 15-1, 15-2, etc) the gun is? Do you know the year it was made? If you can get the serial number, you can call S&W and they will tell you the model/generation, the year it was made, and if it has the more desirable features like a pinned barrel. The grips (or stocks, as some prefer on a revolver) are important, too...if they are the original grips, that is a big plus. If they are from an early generation, they can be as valuable themselves as is the gun!

    Of course, if you are just buying a shooter, then $600 is high and you can find others that are less expensive and not so nice, but functional. If you want the gun as an add to your collection, and all the right "plus" factors are there, then $600 (for a pristine model) may actually be a good price.

    Probably the best option is to ask the members on the S&W forum. There are some very knowledgeable members there, and some serious collectors.

  3. planosteve

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    If it was a model 19 in that condition I would buy it.
  4. MachoMelvin

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    Not a big revolver fan, yet?
    BUT, there are guns on my long & short list, that IF I would run across one of them, and the price was right, I would have to dip into a savings or borrow the $$$ or rent out one of the kids for chores or something?
  5. shepherd321

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    Glad its not around here. That's the only s&w I want.
  6. Well $600 isn't great to be honest. If it were me I'd be a buyer at $500 if I didn't have one. If you ever have a Smith question feel free to PM me, I've been collecting them for quite some time. Currently have 214 but some are duplicates.
  7. MachoMelvin

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    Did S&W ever build a rifle - carbine - shotgun?
  8. Smith still builds rifles
    Carbines technically no but there were a few lighter weight rifles made a long time ago that could technically be said to be carbine like.
    Shotguns yes, but they weren't that popular and haven't been made in years. I use to have a model 1000 but sold it as I really had too many shotguns at one point and prefer the 870 Remington over anything.
  9. MachoMelvin

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  10. Lol, I'm more a pistol collector, but I have a few Smith air rifles somewhere!
  11. undeRGRound

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    600 sounded good until I saw that it was 38 Special only...
    500 is too high IMO

    Now if it were 357... :D

    I looked up pics, nice looking piece
  12. mk45

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    I used to own a beautiful S&W Model 15-3, 4". I paid like $375 for it a few years ago at a pawn shop. It was smooth as butter, too. I did wish it was more than .38 special, especially since it wasn't rated for +p... so I eventually traded it in towards a S&W Model 629 4" .44 magnum. Make my day! :)

    So, unless it's serial number #1 and never been fired or something, I think $600 is quite high.
  13. Browning 9 Guy

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    S&W model 15

    Thanks for all the replies. I decided against buying. Although it tugs at the heart strings, for $600 I could almost afford new bolt 308's (entry level such as the Ruger American which also tugs) - one for both of my sons. And the piece isn't +P rated.
  14. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Actually they don't, and never did.

    They sell a gun with their name, but they don't make it, nor did they make the old 1500, Howa did.
  15. Lol hes talking a Smith branded rifle, a lot of guns are made and rebranded. From a collector standpoint its a Smith. =)
  16. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    I love my Ruger American .308.... I bought the compact..
  17. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Sure...and this is a Crysler.

  18. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    Plymouth laser?
  19. Conquest TSI...I loved that car! Chrysler to me! Just like my Pontiac G8 is a Pontiac G8 and not. Holden...;) I loved that car too, was a lot of fun.