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    I bought what looked like a nice green bore laser off E Bay a few weeks ago. Even though the 4595 was shooting well, I decided to check and see if my scope was holding 0. Put the laser in the end of the barrel. My scope was over 25 clicks left and high. Hmm. reset to the green dot. Went to the range and wasn't even on paper at 50 yards. WTH. I bought a bolt .223 and was putting that laser in the barrel, I noticed the the green dot was doing circles on the ceiling. When I checked it, the beam wasn't centered in the device. Well it's now a good toy for a cat to play with. I bought 2 new lasers that go in the chamber. Everything back to 0 and the range will tell. Not everything you buy is of good quality, Obviously:eek:
  2. Even with the chamber style some times the laser isn't adjusted straight. But yeah I have yet to find a bore style that works well. Most of them are way way off.

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    I am sure it worked when they built it in China. :rolleyes:
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    but of course it did. Had a red one that was spot on bu the on off switch broke. I'll tinker with the green one till I get it centered. You can see it 100 yards away in the daylight. the red ones need dimmer light. Live and learn
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    Put the gun in a vise or something to hold it still. Rotate the bore sight and it will orbit around the true point of aim.
  6. It should have some adjustments so you could try to adjust it in.
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    This is what I do with mine, I do it in quarter turns though. it will get you within a few (4-5) inches at 50. Get it "zero'd" the old fashion way after that. 3 shot groups and adjust as needed.