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    I just called Beemiller and ordered some 10 round mags for my C9's and CF380.
    The lady I spoke was the nicest lady I have spoke with, in any customer service, in a long time.
    I asked her for her name. She said her name is Chris. She told me she was known as "One Bad Apple" on the forums. I said I find that hard to believe. She told me some people don't understand that she takes over 500 calls a day and sometimes has a lot going on.
    I have read a few threads on here about people calling Beemiller and getting rude customer service.
    I just wanted to chime in and say this lady, "Chris" was a real sweetheart to me.
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    Good to know unlcerob!

  3. I've only called Beemiller once, and the woman to whom I spoke -- and whose name I neglected to ask -- was delightful. Whether this was the same person or not, I don't know.

    There have been many complaints, and it's interesting that she's aware of them. On the one hand, I used to work in telephone tech support, and I _really_ understand bad phone days, and I never came close to 500 in one day.

    On the other, since Beemiller is obviously aware of the prevailing message board opinions, she may have been 'counselled'.
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    We all have bad days here and there, Don't sweat the small stuff Chris you know we really love you!
  5. The only time I have ever talked to her she was a joy to speak with. Polite, courteous, informative and professional, to say the least. Heh, chalk it up to a bad day.... We all have 'em from time to time.

    I also find it interesting that she knows about the complaints, that tells me that she's dedicated to her job and our feedback is important to her. Sounds to me like she's a great employee and an awesome person to have on the front line of contact with customers.

    Chris, don't worry honey, we still love you!!! :wink: :wink:
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    I called a while back for a firing pin and who ever I go was uber nice to me :D
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    I can understand having a bad day here and there... Hell, I think I'm having one right now.

    But I also kinda have a feeling she might have found out (either through the forum, or through a talkin' to from the bosses) that she was coming off as being abrasive, and maybe has chosen to work on that.

    If so, good on her!

    Nobody wants to be known as "The Bad Apple". I personally have had a couple of phonecalls with her about a year ago, and she was unpleasant to me in more than a "lots of things going on" kinda way.

    One time She made a special effort to try and make me feel stupid for taking my brand new 995 apart to determine why the firing pin wasn't functioning properly (turns out it was bent, and hanging up on the bolt). She proceeded to tell me I had no business taking a brand new gun apart, and that I should have just sent it in.

    She transfered me to a VERY friendly gentleman in Engineering. He was apologetic, said that there was absolutely no problem with me taking my gun apart, and send me a couple of new firing pins, even though it's not his job, and I'm sure that he too is a busy guy.

    Not holding a grudge against her or anything, but I hope she honestly is working on her pleasantness on the phone...

    Especially since I think I'm gonna have to call them again. :wink:
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    There have actually been a few of those. :D
  10. Not sure if it's the same lady, but I know I started one.
  11. I have talked to her 3 times, 2 times were not that great, the third she was professional and pleasant to talk to.

    I always ask how a person is doing today when I talk to them, and she has always said busy.

    I am glad that you had a positive experience.
  12. I think I remember that old post however, my personal experience was very nice and I have always enjoyed calling Beemiller so, shrug it of, Chris!
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  14. So it is.

    I clicked the link instead of scrolling down LOL

    Oh, I found out something about the HP sight blocks. They're hard to drill, but if you tighten the screws too hard after hollowing them out some, they snap in a nice clean fracture.
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    i have never called bemiller,
    my HP 995 has about 500 rounds through with no problems.
    the first day i got it i was on the way to the gun range and put 100 rounds through the first day with out a hick up and so far the only thing i have done its swab the bore a few times after each time to the range.

    I did once call ruger about my new ruger 10/22 the charging handle broke about second day and there was an extra part on the inside(cant remember what it was called but i consulted the diagram and there was only one shown so i took it out and it worked just fine) when i called about the charging handle it was the best AND worse costumer service ever the lady was real crabby but shipped me the part quickly so i was happy
  16. I have also spoken with Chris and she was super nice, professional and informative. She also told me that she takes about 500 calls a day. I am also in customer service and seldom take 100 calls in a 10 hr day and it gets hectic at times. They need to get her some help in customer service!