Beemiller should offer to sell some spare parts...

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  1. .... would like to keep a couple extra items onhand for my C9 but Beemiller wont sell spare parts. Now I love the warrenty on my C9 but I would really like to keep a few small items onhand just so I can change them at intervals I feel best works for me.

    Not asking for major items here, just a couple little things like the firing pin, firing pin spring and plastic sleeves.
  2. Add recoil springs to that list.

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    Good Idea :wink:
    I asked for and extra FP when mine broke and they sent them. worst they can do is say no and send a single. if they say no offer to pay. if enough people offer to pay i imagine they will eventually consider it.
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  5. That would be taking unfair advantage of HP's stellar warranty, and we won't be doing that. It would be nice to have some extra spare parts on hand though.
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    Me too. What happens when TEOTWAWKI happens and we can't get spare parts.

    ......could just buy a few spare C9's I guess 8) 8) 8)
  7. Throw rocks. :p
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    they dont sell spare parts, thats silly why not?
  9. I offered to purchase some spare parts when I replaced my firing pin spring last year. Explanation I was given, about no parts sells, is they have a 100% lifetime warrenty on their product and send out parts or replace them in house free of charge when a HiPoint firearm requires a replacement part.

    Fantastic warrenty and super company to deal with, but I would still like to have a few spare items onhand so I can replace them at my own set intervals and before something wears out.

    As far as the recoil springs, a engineer at Beemiller told me that the rifling in the barrel would wear out, and need replaced, long before the recoil spring would.
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    i understand they have a 100% warranty but my thought is like yours simple replacement parts could be done by you without shipping it to them, leaving you without your gun for at least a week i would assume.

    im supprised to hear the spring will out last the rifling.. did he say how many rounds the barrel should last? because i can take that one of two ways.
  11. Joe,

    I never did get a definite answer, all I was told is that it was a very high figure and that very few owners would shoot their barrels out thru normal shooting use and standard ammo.

    Since HiPoint guns are blow back, I would bet money that the recoil springs are of a very high quality. Using low quality main springs in a blow back gun would not be a wise move by any gun maker.

    I have personally shot out several 1911 barrels due to heavy competition shooting schedules during the course of a year. The recoil springs were still operating normally and showed little indications of needing replacements. Have not shot a nine barrel out yet, but I am darn sure gonna try now that I am reloading again. LOL
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    I'm not sure about broken parts but I am accomplished at losing parts. Heck, I almost lost the bolt handle, guess I didn't torque it enough. If the company wants to warrant my clumsiness and ability to loose small parts, God bless them but I wouldn't feel right having them cover my error.

    I did have a problem with my Millennium (same warranty) and the gunsmith at Gander Mountain sent it to Taurus for me at no cost. While it was nice of them, a spare trigger return spring would have had me shooting again in minutes rather than weeks.

    Maybe Hi-Point is using the returns in an evaluative fashion. There may also be litigation concerns.

    At any rate, I don't anticipate malfunctions from the equipment, either my 995 or my wife's 9mm Comp. I do anticipate losing screws, springs, miscellaneous small parts.
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    I'm not sure about broken parts but I am accomplished at losing parts. Heck, I almost lost the bolt handle, guess I didn't torque it enough. If the company wants to warrant my clumsiness and ability to loose small parts, God bless them but I wouldn't feel right having them cover my error.
  14. Funny thing is, I've called and asked Beemiller for 995 front sight blocks/blades twice now and they've sent me a total of three complete units. The first time I asked if I could buy a couple to use as replacement FBS's for my SKS and the lady laughed and just asked for my shipping info and a little while later I got them in the mail, absolutely free. This time I asked for one to modify (before Bushman came up with his neat solution) so I could have nothing in the way of my optic but keep the barrel shroud on my 995. Again, no charge, item in mail the same day.

    The first incident was one of the reasons I was dead set on getting a 995, you just don't find customer service like that anymore.
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    You know now we have a total of three (3) firearms having a great warranty. The problem with Taurus is they think they are the only ones who know anything about firearms and will not listen to nothing you say. They just keep repeating send it in we will check it out. HP has the best warranty coupled with even better customer service. I have not tried Sccy firearms yet. I will never buy another Taurus (no not even a re-badged 600 from Ford) except for a revolver maybe. Taurus' PT22 has been nothing but problems. Even though they are using many Baretta ideas and molds.
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    ive shot out several recoil springs, (glock 17, walther P22 and raven .25) and the barrels are still going strong. the glock has over 15k through it and the barrel still looks new. i wonder.....

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    well if you need spare parts the best place i have found id gunbroker for c9 or the 380 get all the parts and spring for like 15 bucks not bad at all i see them on there all the time ck it out and let me know what u find out
  18. It would make good sense to me that Beemiller would offer a standard parts package for around $25 that would include a firing pin and all new set of springs as well as a couple pins (You know what it's like digging that pin out of the couch when you remove the slide?). It would be nice to have the option of the longer barrell for those of us who would like a C9 Comp but can't find one, or don't want to buy a new one.
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    You dont need to buy the parts when all you have to do is call into the company and they will ship out the parts to you at no cost.
  20. You don't get it: we want some packages in order to be prepared _without_ asking for HP-funds-draining freebees. Sort a like a first aid kit. In other words, we'd like to have multiple backups of important springs, etc. for emergencies, and HP shouldn't bear the burden of supplying these.