Been a really crappy few weeks.

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    It all started three weeks ago when our district implemented a new web filter that blocks HPFF. After that I got a nasty sinus infection that lasted quite a while. Then a cousin of mine died of a heart attack. We weren't real close, but she was still family. Then my wife was in a car accident. She hit black ice and slid into the guard rail. She wasn't hurt, and it didn't do that much damage, but it blew the air bags and that was enough to total her car. Then the insurance company in its infinite generousity gave us exactly one week with a rental car to find and purchase a new car. Finally found her one over the weekend, and it cost more than we wanted to pay, but we were squeezed for time. Then today, while I was getting ready for work, they cancelled school because it got out that two kids were planning a school shooting. I think they were just making stupid comments, but you never can tell. Anyway, they are being put up at the Crossbars Motel courtesy of the state. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
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    I missed the last day of school for all of high school...the stoners knew they could just call in a threat, and summer was started. Pay phones for the win!

    Use your phone as a hot spot, turn off the wireless and just use cellular, and bypass the filters.

    Glad your wife is OK. We just lost a lady here in town when she went off the road, she was over an hour in the wrecked car before anyone saw her. Point thankful for being able to be frustrated by things.
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