Been Gone for a few days

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  1. 12 hour days have been killing me, cuz they say it's 12 hours, but ends up being closer to 15 by the time it's all said and done. Hell, on Friday, I crashed the hell out at 7:30!!! I haven't been in bed and asleep before midnight in over 5 years... Working like a dog here guys.... But, I'm back. Sorry, but I missed a bunch of posts, I'll try to make it up to you guys. :wink:
  2. Bout time!! I was ready to report you as AWOL. I remember the 12 hour workdays though. Don't miss them much. Welcome back and stay cool!! 8) 8)

  3. I feel you man, im not workin 12 to 15 hourrs but im workin my arse off all night. 7:00 am to 1:00ish.
  4. Strangerous

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    You better make it up to us, abandoning your forum family for your job like that, WE NEED OUR Uncle Primal here to protect us from spammers, flamers, and trolls... not to mention zombies, camel spiders, and Barbara Streisand (shudders @ thought of Streisand). BUT I'm glad your back, now someone run along and get me some DUCT tape, rope, super glue, and some beer... Primal's not going anywhere, anytime soon anyways! :lol: / :evil:
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    You left? Well that explains why EVERYTHING was going well! :D

    I pulled a 12 hour day at work(was only supposed to be 9) the other day. I forgot how bad those suck!

  6. LMAO!!!! Dude, you kill me.

    AndrewST, you're nuts as well, but thanks for keeping it real guys.
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    What's your AFSC? The only guys I know that still work 12's are Cops and Crew Chiefs. Jus' wunderin'.

    P.S. If you're at Holloman, why is the Raptor in your sig pic from Langley? Sorry to nit pick.
  8. That Raptor is the only one that has in their collection of pics to use. That, and Holloman doesn't have any Raptors yet. My AFSC is POL and I can't tell you why I'm working 12's. Hope that helps.

    Are you still in the USAF hobo or retired?
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    Retired out of Shaw after 23 years as a fighter Crew Chief. My wife is still full time ANG fighter Crew Chief on F-16's. We're the one's you get to see about 100 times a day.

    How do you like Holloman? I avoided going there about 15 years ago and ended up at... Cannon. :roll:

    Is that big VW junkyard still there on the highway going out of Alamogordo?
  10. Its all good, I was marking 80 hour timesheets with these darn floods, so I've been even more absent. Was hoping I'd have a shot at catching up to your post count for once lol.
  11. Dude, there are so many junkyards around here it's not funny. If there is one that is dedicated to VW's, I have no idea. As far as crew chiefs, yeah, I know a bunch of 'em pretty well.

    4095fanatic, my post count just proves that I have no life. :roll:
  12. Well, you have a nice wife so you don't really need one anymore lol.
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    The Barbra Streisand stuff is my department BTW. It takes special training to deal with that stuff ya know :p

    Then again, I've been MIA enough myself. But, I should be up and going full time again on the 8th. Just seems like a lousy month for mods.
  14. i thought clovis was a rat-hole...i ended up at reese AFB in lubbock, tx. (about 85 miles east of clovis), i didn't like it at all.