Beer Bashing.... split from Chick Pic thread.

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  1. I don't drink Carona thank you very much!
  2. As a penitence you must paint all of your guns pink :p
    Mr SNS

  3. What's wrong with Corona?

    <----Once saw a bright pink Desert Eagle at a gunshow... :shock:
  4. Insultin a mans beer is like insultin his wife.
  5. Beer! What Beer? I distinctly recall you were discussing Corona!

  6. Ari

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    It was made a man rule no lime or Fruit juice in beer :wink:
  7. Sure sure sure... a bunch of guys pimping a piss quality beer.
  8. browwiw

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    So, do you hate it because you equate it with homosexuality/effeminacy or because you equate it with Mexicans?
  9. NO-it's just not good beer! As for sexual preference, what does that have to do with beer at all?

    Xenophobic? Go into any bar in a farm town and you'll see the immigrant workers (legal or otherwise) drinking Bud (often lite) or Rocky Mountain Mule P***( sometimes called coors). Go into a bar in a Mexican border town and you'll see the Turistas drinking Corona, while the locals are drinking Pacifico or Tecate.

    The remarks have just been in fun as far as I can see--don't be offended. :wink:
  10. Try finding Tecate, Dos XX, or Pacifico in Northern Michigan. Corona is all I can Bud, Busch, Miller, Coors, Pabby, the Beast, etc etc etc hands down.
  11. browwiw

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    Real men drink mead, anyway.

  12. Do you remember the scene from The 13th Warrior where it is explained that drinking mead must be ok because it is not 'fruit of the vine'? That kind of reasoning always works for me. Like the moslem guy that dips his finger in his beer and throws a bit away so he meets the 'not one drop' reference to his holy book? :lol: :lol:

    So, to get this thread back on topic:

    Won't someone post pictures of women drunk on lousy beer and mead to give all the lonely men here hope that there may be a girl with low enough standards for guys like us? :wink:
  13. Hmm...sounds like a beer snob to me.

  14. Are you buying? :wink:

    If so, that may change things...
  15. In the interest of keeping the Chick Pick thread about Chicks with guns, I have split the thread and made this topic about beer bashing.... Let's see what fun we come up with.

    Also, I am moving this topic to the Lounge where it'll get more traffic.....

    Oh and BTW, I am sipping on a Natural Light right now... being broke sucks! :shock: :twisted:
  16. Even Natural Light is better than what you get in the 'Sandbox' small compensation--I know. When I get the chance I'll buy you something more to you liking!
  17. I like corona. Prefer many other brews, but enjoy corona. perfect for hot days, trip to the beach, and so on. Not many beers that I actually don't like, to name a few it would be Miller Chill, extremely thick beers, and tequiza. Do prefer Coores, Killians, micro-brews, amber bock...
  18. dunno which is worse, putting a lime in your corona or drinking that miller chill crap.

    Gimme real beer or gimme liqour!
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    I'll drink a Corona now and then when I go to this particular Mexican restaurant. I like Heineken the best , although I will drink bud light if I have to.

    This past summer I finally tried a beer that my boss has been trying to get me to try. It's called Rolling Rock. Unbeknown to me, my other buddies called it "The Green Death". I drank 3 and spent the next 2 days on the toilet.