Begging in California!

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Californians, do you want Hi-Points 40 S&W & 45 ACP?

This poll will close on Feb 7, 2106 at 1:28 AM.
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  1. Please, Please, Please. Hi-Point, will you submit the 45 ACP and 40 S&W handguns to California for testing. We love the C9 & .380, but we also want the opportunity to buy your larger calibers guns. We have hopes that we can affect a change in the laws regarding firearms, but you can help to make these handguns available to us in CA.

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    I know how to fix the situation...move out of Kali.

    I love visiting my family in there, but I would never live there.

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    This was covered in the old forum. I cannot remember why, Cali will not allow Certain Hi-Points, but not all. Dangit.
  4. I seem to recall reading about a problem with one of the new restrictions passed in the PRK. I think it's the one requiring a loaded chamber indicator; some quirk of interpretation makes it just about impossible to add any new handguns to the 'this one's not too scary' list.
  5. MD won't allow new ones. Don't come with fired shell casings for ballistic fingerprinting. Doesn't Kalifornia have similar laws? It also might be an issue with the safeties.
  6. I don't believe PRK requires a fired case. I saw an article recently about the 'fired shell registry' that some states have. It's been a major expense and has solved none, zero, nada crimes. I think the article was reporting on one state expanding the program even though there was no evidence it had ever done as it was intended. :twisted:
  7. no offense to anyone, but i rarely hear anything good about california.
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    Sorry guys I put a no On accident. My bad. Was not paying full attention.

    Man now I feel like a used piece of TP.

    Oh well. at least you know I dont agree WITH PRK.
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    hero_saku39 Guest gives us all a blueprint of what NOT to do!
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    The answer I got from an employee at HP was that California pistols have to have tests done. They have to send them 2 firearms 1000 rounds, and $1000.00 each to be tested. and with the microstamp thing going to be passed there soon and the fact that they can't meet demand now, and the certain possibibility of more lawsuits, it just doesn't seem feasable at this time. Just what I've heard, but does make sense.

  11. How long a list of good things would you like?
  13. I moved from California to Arizona a bit over a year ago. What a difference in the gun selection here. So many firearms can not be sold in California due to their restrictive laws that make no real sense. After moving to Arizona the first firearm I purchased was a Hi Point carbine which is one of the many weapons that are not available in California.
  14. Thankfully, the microstamp bill was killed about 2 weeks ago by CA DOJ. And the CA assault weapons ban was deemed unlawful by the CA Supreme Court in March 08. What they said is unlawful in the ban, was the blanket description of assault weapons. A firearm must be named specifically in the ban to meet the criteria of an assault weapon. Unfortunately both Hi-Point carbines are listed. There will be a run on AR15's for a while until CA can list them all. My local gun shop owner also said that companies are planning to change weapon names for CA sales.
  15. :lol: :lol: Good for them!
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    Welcome to the state!
    Check on the lounge about a shoot in the works.
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    +2 years out of the PRK and never been happier,... I love my free state.
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    not trying to be too harsh and not wanting any of the decent people to get hurt but california needs to have a large earth quake and drop off into the ocean. maybe nancy pelosi will be visiting when it hits and harry reed.
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    I think the reason the large HP are baned in CA is because they didn't pass the drop test.