Believe it or not, I JUST might be getting back to work!

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    Talked with my landlord today, and totally blew a smokescreen on why we needed to break our lease. But, after some talking she determined that she'd work with out breaking our lease for no extra money out as long as we can find someone else to pick up the term.

    I'm comming back to Phoeinx!!!!!

    Finally a chance to shoot my guns, buy my parts and even start building new ones without fighting protesters outside the two gun shops we do have here in this hippie town!

    Oh, and the chance to go back to work as a Stage Manager is pretty cool too....the whole career and all :p

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    Congrats dude! I know THAT feeling quite well.

  3. I missed something before the forum moved. What happened to the university job? You had such high hopes for it?

    Glad to see that things are heading back in your direction. Good Luck my friend.

    (A self proclaimed Lib bagging on hippies, gotta love that.............)
  4. Congrats! I hope everything works out for you.
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    The University wasn't interested in producing shows, but catering to certain professors and grant writers. They were bumping student recitals so other professors could use a $10 million facility to swoon their investors for their own pet projects. AND, when I tried to modernize the theater and it's booking methods in order to get more major acts into the facility to actually cover the bills, I was accused of not having the university's best interests at heart.

    And, while I am a Liberal, I am also a follower of Joe Strummer and Henry Rollins. When a man has ideals, he must act. When a man is just being stupid and refuses to let another act on ideals that can better his fellow man, he's a dumba**. If you work for a living AND are able to contribute to the greater good...right on!! If you think EVERYONE **MUST** forsake certian things, think a certian way, smoke a certian thing or eat a certian way because YOU find fault with what they are doing then you just need to get the **** over yourself. There are plenty of people on this planet, all different. If you can't deal with that, then you're sheep to the slaughter.

    There. My rant on neo-hippies.

    Back to being on track:

    I lost the job, ended up working for one of those big-box home improvement joints, and hating it. My girl isn't too happy up here either. We miss 24-hour mexican food joints, coffee houses open at 3 am, Movie theaters that play more than 3 movies in the entire town. REAL bookstores. Museums. Warm weather.

    And did I mention I can't ride my Vespa up here at ALL for the next few months??? Not cool. Too cold.
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    Congrats neo, and remember, even liberals hate hippies :wink:
  7. Neo, glad you have a chance to get back into the arts and out of the parts business. I hate people that just sit around and whine about their life when they can do something to change it! Good going!
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    are you sure you are a liberal? you know you could just become a libertarian and then you would be way cool.
  9. Grats Neo!!! When do you expect to be making the move?
  10. good news. congrats.
  11. neothespian

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    We're hoping just before the first of the year, but there's the matter of money. She's trying to figure out how to transfer her job and I have to see if I can either transfer the current job or get my old one back. Then there's the matter of getting our stuff down to Phoenix and securing a place.

    All pretty daunting, but I am personally excited to FINALLY get my career back on track! A couple of my old theaters are expressing interest in having me back as a stage manager, and even with the lousy pay it's far better than what I have here in Northern Arizona.
  12. Congrats, Neo. Watch the shoulder during the move. Couches can be tough on a body! Hope you find what you're looking for.
  13. neothespian

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    Very well might have: I just got a lead on an Assistant Technical Director Position with the Herberger College for the Arts in Phoenix! The pay isn't great, but it's not bad either. It's in both downtown Tempe/ASU and downtown Phoenix Metro, and it's at the right time.

    Now I just need to GET The job.
  14. Good luck. If there is anything we can help with let us know. Sounds like Phoenix is where you belong
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    Come back, my Homie: The streets are callin fer ya!