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  1. I am having a really hard time finding accessories for my Benelli Nova online. The one that I can't seem to find anywhere is an 18.5" barrel. Does anyone know where I could find one? Just the barrel. I don't want to buy another whole Nova. Or, would it be best to go to my local gun shop and see if they can order it from Benelli?

    I'm also kind of looking for a magazine extender and a recoil reducer. These are things I'd kind of like to have eventually, but not immediately. I can get the recoil reducer from Benelli for $115. Does anyone know where I can find it cheaper?

    I saw a magazine extender at the store yesterday, but it looked like it was really cheaply made. It wasn't made by Benelli. Don't remember who made it. Does Benelli make magazine extenders for the Nova, or will I have to get a third party one? Any suggestions on good ones?

    Thank you for your assistance.
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    bennelli makes few if any accesories for the nova line simply because there isnt much market for them. Most people who buy nova's are looking for a bottom dollar entry level gun that they will shoot as-is and not upgrade much. From what i saw on my years shooting and pulling trap they arent a very good gun. No durability under sustained fire, frequent parts breakage and difficult mainteneace were just a few of the complaints i heard. If you are serious about tricking out a pump gun, dump the nova and get a maverick 500 or a remy 870.


  3. That was the original reason I bought the Nova. It was my first shotgun. (And only shotgun thus far.)

    However, I know that all three of the things that I have mentioned are made. I was looking at a Nova in the store yesterday that had an 18.5" barrel. The day before, I was looking at a magazine extender and a recoil reducer in a different store.

    I would like to have a tactical sized shotgun and at the moment would rather not buy another shotgun. I'd prefer to just swap out the barrel on the one that I already own.

    I'll think about what you've said. Though if someone does have an answer to the questions I asked, I'd still like to hear them.