Benny429, I got the cart before the horse !!!

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  1. I just place a order for a ATI stock and a red dot sight/scope, I guess now I need to buy a 995 !!!

    I haven't been able to find one locally, but I'm on the road working tomorrow and then again next Monday and Tuesday, maybe I'll run accross one !
  2. lol that is sort of geting the cart before the horse. I know they have them at Adventure Outdoors in Atlanta if you get to that part of the state.

  3. heydave

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    I did the same thing. I just got my 995 the other day. I got my ATI stock last week.
    I figured that if I had the stock then that was a good reason to go out and buy the gun!
  4. Huggy

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    Similar story here. I ordered a 995 through my local shop, then scored the ATI from Benny. About 6 months past and still no 995, so I got a refund, and found one the same day.
  5. I finally found the 995 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I called or stopped in 16 gun or pawn shops (most were listed on the Hi-Point site) and I finally found one for $199. No one else had any and one shop said they had them on order for 8 months. The shop in Jacksonville I got mine at said they had 10 (9 now) of them, I paid for it on my card and will pick it up when I'm in town next Tuesday.

    One place did offer to put me one on order for $240 plus tax, but said they were hard to get. Also, about half of the dealers for Georgia and Florida listed on the Hi Point site are no longer in business.
  6. heydave

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    Wow, I paid $195 for my 995 and $15 for a spare mag. They even threw in a box of shells. :)
    I guess I did alright!
  7. Ridge

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    I bought the wheels and tires for my car about 8 months before I actually got the car :)
  8. I paid $185 + tax (nib) for my 995 at a local gunshow last month! :D