Bent Firing Pin Blues :(

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  1. I went to the range today and my frickin' firing pin bent! I went through 2 mags of 9mm WWB then on my third mag, three rounds in, *CLICK*. Ok... I ejected the round, and continued. Same thing again, then again, etc etc. so I ejected the mag and looked in the chamber. The pin was bent :/ I was upset but not too much because I've read this happens on rare occasions. And it was a matter of time before something happened with my fave' firearm:/ I was getting awesome groups with my red dot on the first 2 mags. I was there with my fiance and she was a bit more upset than I was as the 995's her fave' to shoot too.

    Anyway, I came home and went straight into my garage, pulled out a pair of pliers from my tool cab, and got to work on the pin. Looks straight to me :) I'll hit the indoor range during the week and let you know how it went. Feel free to chime in with any helpful info, gentlemen.

    Oh yea, my front sight broke off :/ I guess I overtightened the nut/screw that holds it in place and the thing just snapped off. If anyone's got a front sight they're not using, shoot it my way, please
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    Call HiPoint and tell them what you told us. They'll have a new one in the mail within hours.