Bent Firing Pin's

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  1. During a call to Hi Point to replace a bent firing pin (I seem to buy guns with them) I asked what was the major cause of them.I didn't bend this one the 995 came that way.
    The answer was that the main cause was releasing the bolt without the firing pin being caught on the sear. This allows the firing pin to ride up over the round and push the pin up,causing it to bend. FT Feed This would most likely happen on the first round of a fresh clip.This would be easy to do when the bolt was held open by the operating handle,as this doesn't move the bolt back enough to catch the firing pin at this position.Just pull it all the way back before releasing.

    My info came from the carbine line supervisor.He was a great guy to talk to and took the time to explain the problem and the most likely cause of the firing pin issue.

    Thank You Hi Point
  2. I'd have to agree........ my 995 didn't bind one time or bend the pin when I pulled the slide the whole way back before releasing. Doesn't seem like much, but it did make a difference. Go figure.

  3. Cant argue with that.

    I have had a couple of pins bend on me, but I do not think it was caused by them doing their jobs as ejectors, but more likely caused by jams or like said above, shooter error.
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    +1 for me. Had the pin bend and I believe it was Jerry, at HP, who explained the same thing, to me. And, the day the pin bent was the first time I loaded while the bolt was locked to the rear. So, I'm thinking Jerry had it right.
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    This is Uncommon I suppose?

  6. Fairly uncommon, but if it happens, they will send you the parts for free to fix l and and it is super easy to fix
  7. Would that be considered on the job training ?
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    I haven't read this whole thread, but you can bend the pin by placing a full mag. in the gun whlie the bolt is pulled back, exposing the pin to the top round in the mag. as it is inserted.