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Bent Pins (not firing pin)

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I have a JHP 45, but I guess this applies to all the handguns. There's at least a couple places in the HP where a plain steel pin has been purposely bent, and then driven in to place, to hold things together. Anyway, I've read that "cost saving" is reported to be the rationale behind some of these decisions.

However, the pin used to hold the slide in place is a slotted spring pin? I guess this pin is expected to be removed and reinserted much more frequently, hence the decision to go with a slotted spring pin versus a plain straight pin that's been bent... But I gotta ask... These are penny-ante parts, literally. It seems a little ridiculous (if cost saving is the objective) to take the time to bend straight pins, as to just using slotted spring pins everywhere. Does this really save HP anything of significance?

I'm thinking of removing the bent pins, and spending the few bucks on eBay and replacing the bent straight pins with appropriately sized slotted spring pins. Sorry if this topic has been brought up before, I'm new here.
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That’s called a roll pin. Do not replace the bent springs with roll pins. And yes….EVERY part on every gun is engineered and chosen based on cost vs effectiveness. Don’t second guess the engineers, unless you are comfortable fixing broken guns.
Yeah, I always called them roll pins too... until I had to search for them... there's a few hits when you search roll pins, but to really find what you're looking for, apparently you have to search for spring pins or slotted spring pins etc. When I started using those alternate terms I was able to find what I was looking for.
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