Beretta 92/Taurus PT-92 mag

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  1. i heard that the pt-92 can use the beretta 92 mags, is that true? and if it is true, than what about the other way around? can the beretta 92 use the pt-92 mags?
  2. I don't know if Berettas can use Taurus mags, a PT92 can use Beretta 92 mags with some minor modification of opening the mag catch hole bigger.

  3. Like onepoint says, the PT92 can use Beretta mags by opening up the mag catch slot bigger.

    The problem with going the other way is that you can't make the hole smaller so the mag won't sit in the magwell properly if you use a PT mag in a Beretta. It will have wayy too much slop and not feed properly.
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    the original design had a heal release, those can be interchanged however no the models with the behind the trigger mag release are not compatible.

    also yes you can convert beretta mags to a taurus however it is not just the mag catch, beretta mags also have a more blunt edge on them where taurus mags are rounded, the taurus has a more stubby catch which can be a problem with a beretta mag even if it has been cut to lock into place.

    i dont recommend making the conversion instead look for some mec-gar mags.. taurus factory mags are over priced imo.
  5. For the record, I have converted about 5 different random Beretta mags (including one factory Beretta mag) to the Taurus mag catch specs.

    They all work just fine and feed fine and stay locked in place.
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    yes feedings fine and so is staying locked..

    what i was pointing out mags cornersa are shaped a bit different on the taurus to help with insertion on the taurus.

    inserting can be a problem.
  7. No problems inserting the beretta mags into my kid's taurus.
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    hmm, i dunno then, i have some knock off beretta mags that will work but all my beretta factory mags will not insert into my taurus without pressing the mag release in.
  9. OH wait!!!

    I just remembered.

    You are right about the angle.

    What I did back when we first got the Taurus was to take the mag release out.

    Once out, I went and dremeled a angle edge to it so when the mag was inserted, it would slide the mag release open.

    Thats why the Beretta brand mags work perfectly. The Taurus mags also insert even easier now too.
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    i wish someone made a beretta compatible mag release for the taurus, that would be sweet.