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Beretta 92fs vs Taurus PT92

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Ive always fancied myself a Beretta 92fs or even a 96, but for the sake of this post we shall leave it with the 92. Ive noticed the Taurus PT92 looks identical to the Beretta. Can you, the all knowing members of HPFF give me some insights as to the pros and cons of each weapon? Personal experiences with either one, good or bad are greatly welcomed. I look forward to reading what you all have to say. :D
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Last I heard(read in the Taurus catalog, also mentioned in the Beretta catalog) Taurus bought out Beretta.....

I've shot both, only bought one...

The safety isn't flimsy and shoddy feeling like on the Beretta, the trigger guard(compared to the older M9s I shot) is "hooked" for the index finger of my support hand to grasp onto. The grip is more uniform and natural feeling, compared to the "bell bottom" end of the M9. The PT92 just sat better in my big hands, and the controls are easily reached without changing my grip.

BUT! Both of them were just as accurate and reliable as the other. I've put ~1000 rounds through my PT92 since I bought it in February or March. Never a single problem with mine, it feeds everything I feed it and puts it where I aim. It's my go-to 9mm.

I would own either though, I only got the Taurus because I got an AMAZING deal on it.
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half of the FACTORY mags I get run like crap
+1 the factory 15 rounder(converted 92FS mag) is junk, mine came with two 20 rounders, I think they are Promags...not sure since they aren't labeled. They are some of the finest mags I've ever stuck in anything.
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