Beretta 92FS

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  1. its time for another handgun, yah i cant wait :D . i'm thinking about getting the beretta 92FS. any opinions on this handgun? any personal experience? the good? the bad?
  2. Great gun, not really heard to many bad things about them, frames are rated for multiple calibers, so depending on the model you can switch slide assemblies from different calibers...don't know if your main purpose is for CC, put the 92 is pretty substantial in size... other than that its a proven weapon... they can however get pricey, Taurus makes a good alternative to the 92 for a bit cheaper...Good Luck and post those pics

  3. My kid has a Taurus 92 and it works great.

    It can take Beretta mags if you mill the notch out a tad. works flawlessly.
  4. which one is a better choice the beretta or the taurus?
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    I just bought this gun about a month ago. I absolutely love it, and the action is silky smooth. When you rack the action, you'll be looking for the ball bearings, it's that smooth. It is one of the most accurate, and reliable 9mm pistols out there. When you fire the first round, you got that long trigger pull, but after that, it's all single action. Also, this is one of the very few semi-autos where you can actually manually insert a single round into the chamber without the magazine, and the open slide design reduces the risk of having stovepipe jams.

    It is also one of the best looking pistols, next to the 1911!

  6. All the Military M9's suck, cuz they are all wore the hell out. Getting a new one wouldn't be that bad though...
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    those i have personally handled and shot were all good to excelent in all categories. the only reapirs ive done on them for others have been regular issues like recoil springs at high round count, sight switches etc. Overall a good weapon. They dont fit my hands well so i never bought one. Be sure to try one first to make sure the grip fits you.

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    Its in my list of pistols to get...whenever I handle one and hear the clink as I rack the slide, I swear I nearly cream my pants...I love it...its on my list along with a Kimber 1911 and a couple others...
  9. Yeah, my pistol list has a 1911 and a 92FS on it as well :)
  10. Again, check out the Taurus 92. They were made with a lot of the same tooling as the Berettas but they are much cheaper.

    You can find used Taurus 92s for around 300 dollars if you look around.

    I would love a Beretta but the Taurus gives you the same action and look for a cheaper price.