Beretta Cx4 Storm in .45 ACP

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    Picked up a NIB ,Storm from Academy Sports and Outdoors.This 45 acp carbine came with 3 factory picatinny/Weaver style "rails": a 10" top rail for optics, an under- the- barrel,pull-out short rail and another short rail for either side of the forearm. I installed a 3x9x40 scope on the 10" rail,using Busmaster Mini Risers(2) and on top of those, Weaver see thrus.This raised the scope up and behind the rear "rabbit ear" iron sight, in order to give good eye relief and still allow use of the open sights. On the other 2 rails I installed a taclite and laser sight with pressure touch pad. A black adjustable sling was added and a Moerse Lekker(Florida transplanted South African) oval-holed,ventilated barrel shroud. With 2, 8 round Beretta magazines I've got adequate firepower. After sighting in the factory open sights, the scope was next and I found this carbine cutting a ragged hole in the [email protected] 50 yds out. Pure quality firearm.
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    The Storms are nice and they have a nice feel to them. A 45 carbine would kill me as they eat ammo way to fast, and with the price of 45s now... I'm afraid I wouldnt shoot it much.

    Enough teasing already lets see some pics!

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    Niiiice.Does anybody make decent hi-cap mags?8 rds seems a little lite.Im looking forward to pics :D
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    Thanks,BB. Don't know about hi cap mag availability. Sorry,no pics avaibale,but see Beretta's web site, and Guns for pics of comparable guns.
  5. HEY!!!


    [ all in jest of course! ]
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  8. argh! We wanna see pics of YOUR gun!! :lol: :lol:
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    LOL Thats Great... I love it!


    Hey Newskate,

    Would you mind if I used that in the HP Gallery Thread?
  10. be my guest. I found it on another forum and thought it would be great here since we all take an active interest in each other's toys.

    So, have at it my friend. If you need it edited or reduced in size, etc. just let me know.