beretta px4 storm compact VS. walther pps

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by 1motion, Dec 28, 2007.

PX4 or PPS

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  1. Beretta PX4 Storm

  2. Walther PPS

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  1. 1motion

    1motion Guest

    so one of my new years resolutions is to get me and my girl friend ccw permits and im trying to decide on a gun for her to carry. she is a small girl, 5'1" 100lbs. i want something in 9mm and ive narrowed it down to the Beretta PX4 storm compact and the Walther PPS. i like the PPS better as it is smaller and would be easy for her to conceal in a pocket or purse but the PX4 has bigger grips and i think it would be easier for her to shoot.

    ive read reviews on both but im looking for anyone with some experience shooting either of them as well as everyone elses opinion that is experienced with concealed carry


  2. Fenix

    Fenix Guest

    just have her go down to the local toy store with you and fondle both, she'll tell you which one feels right

  3. Ari

    Ari Guest

    What is wrong with an XD9? Some one on here had a storm (I think) kaboom a while back.
  4. On a concealed carry, size is paramount. If she's tiny like you say, the smaller the gun, the easier it is to conceal. Comfort in her hands is also a key factor. I voted Walther, as I am not a big fan of Beretta, but as Fenix suggested, have her fondle both weapons as let her make up her mind as to what she's the most comforable with. If you have a range that rents weapons, have her shoot both of them before you buy. That way she'll be able to tell you what feels best in her hands.

    Another thing, smaller guns usually have more felt recoil due to weight and size issues. Either gun would be good as long as she can accurately shoot it, and the recoil isn't too fierce.
  5. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    I voted walther. I Don't know a thing about either but like the look of the walther more. Also I may have a bias as I own a P22.

    But my real vote goes to the XD 9 Sub compact. :p
  6. I'm gettin a XDSC 9mm, great priced handgun, recommend that, BUT of those two it's a hard pick, both are damn fine pistols, but I'm going with Walther on this one.
  7. 1motion

    1motion Guest

    this guy likes the PPS a lot...

    i like the features of the PPS firing system and the mag release, and how slim it is. the beretta has a removable trigger assembly which i like also but i think the size of the Walther is what has me sold.
  8. Gramps

    Gramps Guest

    Some smaller 9mm`s have very stiff springs and the slides are hard to rack. The PPK falls into that catagory, I don`t know about the PPS. Just make sure she can operate all controls easily or she will stop shooting it.
  9. Saw an ad for it just now while thumbing through one of my gun mags on the the library, and that PPS is EXTREMELY THIN! Would make a perfect carry gun.
  10. Jarhead1775

    Jarhead1775 Guest

    I like the Kahr K9 however it is DAO. My wife carries a Smith CS9 and is very happy with the DA trigger however it can get a little heavy for her. So I carry the CS9 most of the time and she carries a colt mustang. However I also like the new FNP and they are priced right.
  11. 1 Motion,
    Not happy with you right now. Was reading my Guns & Ammo (same as mentioned above) and eventually got to an article on the PPS, and since you mentioned it, I went ahead and read it. Well now I can't decide between and XD and the PPS. That PPS is sooo thin and has some alot of upsides. Only down is it costs a little more then an XDSC.
  12. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    Id take a walther over an XD any time, but the PX4 is a pretty good gun. Thats about a toss up. It comes down to what fits her better and what she is comfortable shooting.

  13. Jarhead1775

    Jarhead1775 Guest

  14. 1motion

    1motion Guest

    not happy with me

    well Taurus357 what can i say... after i read the review in combat handguns i was pretty much sold. then i started looking other places and just wanted it more. i do like berettas and the storm in general but i think the walther has just kicked its arse in this contest.

    not only would this make a good gun for women but also a great backup gun for LEO's and anyone looking for something they can keep in a coat pocket.

    it does cost more than some of my other choices but in this case i think it would be well worth it
  15. Good review after good review. What ever I decide on will be my main CC piece. Only concern is the drastic difference in capacity. At only 1" width I don't expect a whole lot of mag capacity, but when comparing the two (XDSC or PPS) it's something that has to be taken into consideration. Lovin that pps though despite it's limited capacity and higher sticker price.
  16. 1motion

    1motion Guest

    nice to see some pics of the PPS next to the XD... thanks for the link Ari
  17. Makes me want it more and more.
  18. Ari

    Ari Guest

    I think it is close to the same size as the PF9